Blog Lovin’

There have been some great posts up on some of my favourite non-LJ blogs over the last few weeks. Here they are, corralled into a handy post, for you to check out too.

Five totally not rocket science tips for reducing your footprint at eek.ology
A beautiful post with five simple, logical and pleasant ways to make your life a little more environmentally friendly. They will probably also make you a more social and well rounded person (turn off the TV and go share a meal with your friends? Heck yes!).

Will our suffering be vindicated? at Winged Keel and Crumpet
Short comment on a beautifully selected excerpt from a recent interview with Archbishop Rowan Williams on senseless suffering. This is worth reading and considering regardless of what you think of Rowan William’s opinions on the whole.

When I was a girl, I read about girls: #1 Pollyanna at As some of your own poets have said…
A dear friend has gradually returned to blogging with a series of reviews of films and books. Pollyanna was one of my least favourite “little girl” books when I was young, and Pollyanna herself was definitely my least favourite heroine! Regardless of my feelings I really enjoyed this review – it’s maybe even leading me to consider re-reading Pollyanna as an adult. Thoughts?

Gradually Getting There
Weirded Out at The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
I haven’t posted about the Lizzie Bennet Diaries here yet, but don’t worry. A day will come soon when I gather all my thoughts and tell you why I think that the Lizzie Bennet Diaries phenomenon is so good and interesting that one day it will probably be the HSC English text that all the year 11 and 12 girls secretly hope that their teacher will choose for their class.

In the meantime, Lizzie herself is recovering after just meeting William Darcy in the corridors at Collins & Collins and having a super-awkward conversation with him. Turning to Jane Austen herself for spoilers I am expecting that later this week Fitz will let slip that William intentionally encouraged Bing to move to Los Angeles (“moving to Los Angeles,” says Jane to Lizzie on an earlier episode, “not London!”). And then sometime next week we will see the equivalent of Darcy’s very insensitive proposal. I’m extremely curious to see how it turns out – not just how it is modernised but how everything will be justified so that we can publicly hear about it on on this supposedly-non-fictional vlog.

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