Family Christmas

My little brother is flying to America this week to follow his new girlfriend home and spend Christmas with her. We had a partial family Christmas celebration to make up for missing Christmas Day with him.

I really love my family. I know that all families have their difficulties but, amazingly, Christmas is always a really wonderful and positive time with my family. It’s a huge blessing, which I am increasingly thankful for with each passing year. This year’s partial family Christmas was no exception. We ate so much food, we played Ticket to Ride for the first time as a family, PK joked until my eyes watered with laughter and we wore ridiculous Christmas hats. As per normal we waited for about fifteen minutes for Mum and Dad to potter around before we could give PK and Maddie their presents.

The whole evening was a beautiful foretaste of the weeks to come, although of course PK will be sorely missed, especially the way he makes us laugh! I’ll have to imagine him making snow angels somewhere in Illinois and entertaining another family on Christmas Day.

6 thoughts on “Family Christmas

  1. skindyedindigo

    How long will your brother be gone for? I always find international relationships to be interesting.

    Christmases are generally happy-feely for us too. Families are great things, in so many ways. I think that’s why Christmas is my favorite holiday, it brings out all of the good in families.

    1. Alison Post author

      He’ll only be gone for a month but he will miss both Christmas and a family holiday to the beach 😦
      I’m angling for some good catch up time with him when he comes home!

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