First day on campus… with undergrad students.

It’s Monday! It’s week one! The lawns were covered with undergrad students, sprawling in sundresses. First years sat timidly on the benches around building where normal people never sit.

The first day with (undergrad) students is definitely worth documenting. Here are some things that happened:

One I went to my first even Staff Equip time, getting some training in evangelism and listening to a paper on the Holy Spirit. Nice. We get to be trained with the apprentices at the University of Technology up the road; it was lovely to meet them. Especially because one of them is my friend Clare from church, and it is great to get bonus hang out time with her. Despite all these positive things I still struggled to pay attention – there are so many things to do and I struggled to keep my brain from drifting into admin mode. Next week I need some more mind discipline.

Two Admin win! I am a admin star! All my first year small group times are now locked in, and I even have the beginnings of a timetable sorted for myself. Whoop! All done in a very pleasant hour or two in the Manning Building with a pot of tea, sitting with the other education Howies.

Three Surprise impromptu coffee catch up with one of my Secondary Ed committee members. So lovely!

Four Home at the computer and on the phone, contacting some of the people who have signed up to the Evangelical Union. Also doing some database cleaning. I think that maintaining databases is going to be an important part of my life no matter where I work. Oh well.

Five Work is technically over, but the evening continues. Matt is sick in bed so I will cook him something nice that he would like to eat. Also I am going to give some fruit and vegetables from our co-op box to Saz. And also I will do some housework. And read Thomas Torrence. It’s going to be a restful night 🙂

 photo vscocam40_zps57aba7f4.jpg
Finally – the beginnings of a timetable!

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