A whole bunch of my friends are moving to, or have already moved to, America. It’s strange how many people are going there! I can’t imagine any reason that Matt and I would follow suit and go too, studying or working in America has not much appeal for us. However now that so many people are jetting off to the Western Hemisphere I’ve started imagining the upsides to living in America. And ’cause I like making lists here, I thought I would share a hypothetical list with you:

Things I would do if I lived anywhere in the USA

– I would visit all my American friends, and my Aussie friends who are living there for the moment.
– I would go to New York and find all the locations recognised from films and Geography case studies.
– I would go to a Five Iron Frenzy concert.
– I would eat lots of Mexican food (I’m sure PK could set me up with a list of places to eat!).
– I would go to Disneyland.
– I would buy clothes and shoes at much cheaper prices.
– I would make sure I was somewhere snowy in the winter. At Christmas even!
– I would take regular trips to Canada to visit friends there and explore all the beautiful things.
– I would go semi-regularly to watch the baseball.

This is all I can think of right now. It’s a shorter list than I expected, which makes me feel OK about not planning to live there. Are there any other important hypothetical activities that you think I should have included?


4 thoughts on “Hypotheticals

  1. ringsandcoffee

    Just some of the other cities you should visit: Chicago, San Francisco, and Phoenix – to see me! I would take you to my favorite Mexican restaurant. If you came here for spring training, you could see tons of baseball games.

    Are clothes really cheaper here?

    I said (again) today that I should have been born in the UK. I might not think that if I really had been.

  2. skindyedindigo

    The national and state parks are pretty great here. Like the Grand Canyon and Yosemite. Also there are a lot of gorgeous cities on both sides of the country and some awesome history cites if that is your kind of thing.

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