With one week left of semester to go I’m ready to have a rest. The holiday will have to wait though. The undergrad students are leaving campus but there is still plenty of work to do. I’m not taking any time off until July!

In the meantime I’ve been trying to work out what helps me to rest when I come home exhausted and stressed. To my surprise one of the really relaxing things has been tending to my garden! With such a short commute, I’ve been able to leave and come home while it is still light. Just a quarter of an hour of pruning, watering, weeding and transplanting has been a valuable time for unwinding after hard days. I’m so thankful for the garden we have in this home!

 photo d67df286-d4a9-4bb2-9ac0-197dcaa9f98f_zps5eeecf3b.jpg

It’s just small but we have a huge range of things growing!

Plants we inherited from the previous owners:
– a lavender bush
– a basil plant
– a chilli plant
– a potted lime tree
– a potted mango tree
– sage
– snapdragons

Seedlings from Yiayia, nursery and our old home:
– spinach
– lettuce
– parsley
– mint
– strawberries

Seeds we have planted from scratch:
– coriander (still harvesting and replanting seeds from our original plant from four years ago)
– a mixture of mystery vegetables from Jamie and Stephanie. We’re still not sure what they are because they’re just seedlings at the moment.
– forget-me-nots
– pansies
– poppies
– daffodils

The flowers aren’t doing so well at this time of year, but the vegetables are going nuts.

 photo Untitled-16_zps506ee6fa.jpg


2 thoughts on “Rest

  1. birdienl

    It’s such a joy, working in and eating from your garden. I think it has to be something in us that harkens back to the time we were all farmers or gatherers.


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