Art and travel

Have you ever kept a travel journal?

My friend Alison has just returned from a three week trip to New York. She is a very talented artist and she has kept a very unusual kind of travel journal – a tumblr where she has uploaded a new and unique piece of artwork inspired by each day of her travels.

If, like me, your recent international travel consists solely of vicariously experiencing things through other people’s instagram feeds, maybe you would appreciate it. Her sketches of the Brooklyn Bridge and the Staton Island ferry are my favourites.


One thought on “Art and travel

  1. tibbycat

    I thought about making a blog for travel when I first went overseas but at the time livejournal was the place where I posted about all that. In subsequent times I went overseas, Facebook had become more ubiquitous so that seemed the best place to talk about and post photos of my travels.I’m hoping to go to San Francisco next year so I imagine Facebook and Twitter will be the main places I’ll talk about that then :/


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