This weekend:

Thanks to my boss for a generous half-day off this weekend started on Friday. It’s been a wonderfully relaxing weekend, filled with just the right blend of alone/people time, indoors/outdoors time and productive/lazy time:

Sitting on the floor of Saz’s living room rocking her beautiful daughter to sleep after her first fever.
Meandering about the backstreets of Newtown and eating gelato with Matt.
Trying out new recipes, relearning to knit, catching up on Arrested Development and dancing to Relient K with Fiona.
Impromptu trip to the Eveleigh markets with the Dunks.
Book club with the book-clubbing crew complete with delicious lunch, new insights into J.D. Salinger and Luci and Dave skyping in from their new home in Texas.
Following up high brow conversations about J.D. Salinger with sneaky readings of Jane Austen fan fiction when I get home a couple of hours later.
Cleaning up the garden in anticipation of spring.
Unpacking our fruit and veg box and cooking zucchini yemistes for dinner.
Two bottles of cider.
All Sunday morning to myself to clean, chill and dance around the house to my favourite songs.

Now to see how the rest of Sunday pans out. I am looking forward to next week after such a lovely weekend!


4 thoughts on “This weekend:

  1. ringsandcoffee

    Jane Austen fanfic??? I mean, I know it exists, but WAHHHHH NOOOOOOO! I read plenty of X-Files fanfic back in the day, then swore I wouldn’t read any Lord of the Rings stuff. A friend persuaded me to read 2 stories, which were actually quite good. However, I fear what writers will do to Jane’s beautiful works. Then again, some pretty bad Austen sequels and spin-offs have been published, so I guess I can’t argue against fanfic.

    1. Alison Post author

      Haha! Don’t start reading it, that way you will never get hooked on inferior fiction. It’s kind of like a drug! Like nasty street dealt stuff that will give me weird and unexpected side effects.
      I started back in high school – one of my friends passed on a sequel to Pride and Prejudice that her sister’s friend had written. The author couldn’t have been older than 15 at the time! She is still a prolific writer on one of the main Austen fan fic sites I’m still reading her stories all these years later! Oh, my shame!
      But, as my dear friend reminds me, at least we aren’t paying for it! I refuse on principle to read any crappy writing that costs money.


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