In 2008, Matthew, myself and our friend Yi started a Sunday afternoon international bible study at our church. Yesterday our group met for the last time. We finished reading Acts, we celebrated Tao’s recent engagement, we prayed for each other and sent each other off to our new ministries.

After 5 years, almost 50 different people from at least 10 different countries and many, many books of the bible, our group finally reached the stage where it was time to shut down. There are now enough Mandarin speakers in the church to sustain two Chinese bible study groups (praise God!), and at present no-one else needing an ESL group (please, God, help us to welcome more people from other language communities!).

Finishing up was the right thing to do; it feels appropriate to free up our friends to lead others in their mother-tongue. But I also feel very sad. Sure, it was hard work. It was difficult to have people constantly coming and going, and the weeks that no-one turned up were the hardest of all. But even as people came and went I always enjoyed gathering around God’s word with people from around the world. I learned new and surprising things I had never considered before. I got to read the bible with people who had never opened it before. How devastating to think that it’s over now!

I praise God for all the people who helped us to get the group off the ground, supported us and helped us to lead it over the years: for Yi, Katrina, Toby, Brice, Jason, Dan, Leo, Ryan, Tao and Jan. And for all the others who came through and blessed us with their insights, company and friendship: for Juan, Sunny, Pablo, Jian, Michelle, Allen, Alice, Lulu, Lin, Forest, Irina, Jin, Emily, Andy, Deepak, Fifi, Adrian, Sashi, Benny, Cam, Jonathan, Julia, Ivy, Jennifer, Myung Sook, Vanessa, Oscar, Heyley, and many other friends of friends who dropped in for a week or two.

 photo LittleLJ2_zps6186c327.jpg
2008: Sunny and Jian hanging out behind the hall stage.

 photo littleLJ1_zpsd20fdb1f.jpg
2008: Allen, Juan, Yi and I in the old ESL room.

 photo littleLJ5_zps31204f1b.jpg
2008: Watching the Beijing Olympics opening ceremony on the big screen

 photo littleLJ8_zps0ed366c3.jpg
2009: Day trip to Katoomba

 photo littleLJ3_zps5d76277f.jpg
2009: Mandarin Christmas carols

 photo littleLJ4_zps29d5eb95.jpg
2010: Picnic at Bradley’s Head

 photo littleLJ9_zpsca3be89f.jpg
2010: Down at Gerringong for the church weekend away

 photo littleLJ6_zps7e8d7152.jpg
2011: Chinese New Year

 photo LittleLJ19_zpsad07170e.jpg
2011: Ryan sharing a 40min impromptu testimony before his baptism. It was amazing!!

 photo littleLJ16_zpsca646b55.jpg
2011: Ryan leading his first bible study

 photo littleLJ17_zpsb870d118.jpg
2011: Celebrating daylight savings with a sunny October bible study

 photo littleLJ10_zps3c232657.jpg
2011: Surprise! Juan came back from Colombia!!

 photo littleLJ12_zps54a9e7b4.jpg
2012: Fifi is baptised by her new church family at St Stephen’s Bellevue Hill

 photo littleLJ7_zpsd0340df9.jpg
2012: Another day trip to Katoomba

 photo littleLJ11_zpsa4f6ae17.jpg
2012: After more than five years at church together Yi and I really do heart Ashfield!

 photo littleLJ14_zpsfa316b2b.jpg
2012: At the English Corner and International Fellowship Group Christmas party.

 photo littleLJ13_zps91fde1e5.jpg
2012: The annual Christmas party struggles to fit in our one-bedroom apartment

 photo littleLJ15_zpsd34c4e23.jpg
2013: Ryan uses play dough to teach us from the book of Revelation!

 photo littleLJ18_zpse9ea53ad.jpg
2013: Ryan, Leo, Tao, Matthew and I celebrating Tao’s engagement at our last fellowship group.


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