Grateful to Whitlam, and Louise, and the Lord.

Doctors visits are few and far between for me at the moment. Thank heavens! Health wise, budget wise, time wise – it makes everything easier!

I visited the doctor recently for an extended consultation; it happened to be the week that saving for Christmas had left my budget particularly tight. I prepared myself emotionally (for a long conversation with the doctor), and financially (for a large bill, only half of which would be covered by Medicare).

And then the consultation happened. The best doctor’s visit ever! The doctor was beautiful, perfect bedside manner! Everything was fine, nothing to be anxious about! And then I went outside to pay the receptionist:
“Don’t worry about it sweetie. She put it all on Medicare.”


THANK YOU LOUISE!! What a wonderful doctor to forfeit her extra income for that visit and only take the basic Medicare rate! And THANK YOU GOUGH WHITLAM!! Medicare is amazing and you were a crazy visionary. And THANK YOU to the Lord, for somehow orchestrating this moment to happen at just the right time. I was emotionally wrung out, a little financially stretched – it was a wonderfully practical moment of grace that has left me feeling buoyant and hopeful and very very grateful!


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