Part-time Student Life

It’s been a long while since I have reflected on my studies at Moore College. I think can be put down to two overarching reasons.

Firstly I go to class on Tuesday nights. A normal Tuesday for me looks like back to back people time: meetings, training workshops (that I facilitate) and small group discussions (that I facilitate) from 9 to 5. I usually don’t have time to eat anything other than the snack food we share at small group and staff meeting. When the work day is done I head straight to class and by the time I get there I’m usually pretty smashed. And then we get two hours of lecture and an hour of peer discussion. We finish at 9:30 and my brain is fried. So I haven’t really been in a great place to reflect on the things I am learning this semester.

Secondly, the subject I am taking this year (Biblical Theology) has so far felt like a repetition of the Old Testament classes I took a few years back. I LOVED those lectures (see?) and I remember them fondly. Compared to those glorious memories, the present classes don’t really seem very interesting. Serves me right for doing all my subjects out of order.

Our main lecturer, with a fantastic moustache and a diagram that neatly summarises the entire Old Testament.

Tonight, though, was a great night. I was exhausted (as usual), poorly nourished (as usual) and not really engaging with lecture. But four great things happened this evening, and I’d like to document them. Here they are, in order of increasing greatness:

4. I discovered that the hot-water-machine in the library is switched on again and so I can make endless cups of tea again!

3. The lecturer explored an interesting definition of Christian theology: that it is not about speculation or discovering a hidden god, rather it is about exploring what has been revealed in Jesus. It’s not a new idea for me, but it was articulated well, and an encouraging reminder.

2. I found a kindred spirit in our peer discussion group who is grappling with some of the same kind of practical-theological and pastoral issues as me. This is a big deal, because sometimes I feel like an idiot when I bring up my thoughts in the college community. It’s nice to know there is another person to talk to on the same wavelength.

1. I got to run through the whole library with the lights off and activate all the motion-sensor light switches. It was epic. Probably the high point of the whole day.

Being a student is great, I promise. And not just when I get to activate motion sensor lights. Hopefully next semester life will be a little more balanced and I’ll have some headspace for proper processing!


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