Skipping church

I am sick tonight, skipping church, scouring the internet for some sermon-y input to learn from while I sit at home, cold, by myself. My church family is considering the opening verses of 1 Corinthians 13 tonight, so I went looking for something similar and found this beautiful tiny sermon excerpt from N.T. Wright:

Love is not our duty. It is our destiny!
Love is the language they speak in the new creation, and we get to learn it here!
Oh, it’s difficult. There are lots of irregular verbs.
There is vocabulary that is very difficult to get into your head, or get your tongue around.
But learn it, and one day you will be singing it.

But then, after searching a little broader I left 1 Corinthians behind and stumbled upon this most incredible sermon: Loving this world and longing for the next.

I felt God cut me to the core – not just touching on questions I have been asking recently, but going further, peeling back layers so I could see into my heart. He sent me a brother, months after the words were spoken, to articulate with crystal clarity all the deep questions I didn’t realise I was asking. To expose in my heart the unhelpful inconsistencies that I’ve been entertaining. Such great timing, so incredibly helpful. Thank you Lord!


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