I finally got around to watching Disney’s Frozen, at the suggestion of my three-year-old buddy Herbie. It’s his favourite movie at the moment. Frozen was really lovely, and wonderful, and Disney/Pixar animated children are the cutest ever, and HOORAY for Disney abandoning some of it’s silly romantic and gender-role tropes, and HOORAY for Disney celebrating love between sisters, etc.

I had a chat with Herbie about his birthday invitations, which are of course Frozen themed. As I pointed out the characters and asked him questions about the story our conversation went something like this:

“So who is this?”
“And who is this?”
“Elsa. She made the monsters.”
“Oh, OK. Who helps get rid of the monsters?”
“The man.”
“Oh! Does Anna help at all?”
“It’s the man. The man is the helper.”

I’m not sure what to make of that interchange at all. Which man is he talking about? Is “helper’ synonymous with “hero” for a three year old? Did Herbie think he was he saving the day? Or did Herbie think he was helping out Anna or Elsa as the two sisters saved each other and brought the story to a happy end?

Maybe Disney needs to produce a few more of these kinds of stories for these ideas to clear up!

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