Trumpets and Bookmarks

Boosh Trumpet 1

Boosh Trumpet 2

Boosh Trumpet 3

When people ask me what my favourite kind of music is I am usually stumped for an answer. How do you choose when there is so much amazing music in the world? On reflection though, I’ve realised that throughout my life, running across all my eccentric musical tastes, there is one common thread. One sound that binds a million disparate genres, tempos and moods together.

I love music with trumpets.

When expressing this to a friend recently she looked at me in disdain, so now I feel a need to prove myself. Here is a collection of some of my most-loved songs, all featuring horns of some kind.

Trumpets and Bookmarks copy

I’ve kept the playlist to maximum CD length (80min), and picked my favourite songs across a range of genres: indie, ska, folk, motown, swing jazz, hip hop and pop. There is at least one song from every decade except the 50s. They all have horn parts and they all make me either tear up or dance. Mostly dance.

Sadly none of my favourite orchestral pieces made the cut. I think I’d need a whole other playlist for those ones.

Thanks natasha-romannoff.tumblr for the gifs at the top!


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