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If Red Sox throw this game, I will fly to America and kick them.

I woke up and I was in intense pain. My shoulders were cramped from yesterday’s handstand efforts, and they have been hurting all day. The muscles in my legs were aching because they were twisted when I fell over awkwardly all the time.

This morning I went out to check on my strawberries and I stepped on a bee. My foot swelled up and I fainted.

Boston won the first World Series game!

Because deep down, everyone is as patriotic as they come.

I was sitting here pretending to do work at HSC online and mum came barging up the house yelling “Grant Balfour’s in the bullpen!!!”

For an explanation of why this is such big news:
From October, our TV pretty much stays on ESPN on Foxtel so we can watch US baseball while we’re ironing, or eating lunch or whatever, it’s been very important for us since the scrapped the Aussie baseball competition in 1999. Yeah, 1999 were the days when we’d troop down to Olympic Park and be one of the 100 other people who’s turn up to watch Sydney Storm beat Queensland. And we could sit down next to the dougout and talk to the players at the end of the game, because there were so few people there.
Grant Balour was one of Philip’s favourite players and went over to the US to play for the Minnesota Twins after Sydney Storm ceased to exist.

So, to hear that our beloved friend was now warming up, I dropped my pseudo study and ran out. By the time Mr Balfour came out, it was 5-3 to Yankees. I only watched his first pitch, so I have no idea how he’s going now, but he got up to full count (and there was a runner on first) and we were all on the edge of our seats muttering “Don’t walk him…” AND THEN HE PITCHED A PERFECT STRIKE, which the batter hit right back to him – YAY! DOUBLE PLAY!!

Of course, thatw as exciting, but hear some on the gems from the commentators:

“And here comes The Australian born Grant Balfour…” (You know how Americans say “Australia” and they make it all drawly so it sound like you are dragging a garden rake through honey?)
“…Played in the Sydney comp.”
“Yes, he went to school in Kellyville, New South Wales.”

But I liked this one best:
“And did you know that in Sydney at the moment, it’s lunchtime tomorrow?

At which we jumped around the room going “Yes it is!! And I’m eating my lunch!”
I feel ashamed of myself for being so patriotic.

Go you! 😀