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Trusty-old-Wednesday-at-nine is one of the many Australian bicycles getting a nice dust off thanks to the glory of Cadel Evans. When Matt went and bought himself a bike in the post-tour sales I realised it was about time that I replaced Trusty-old’s seat, which was stolen over a year ago.

He is home now with a brand new seat and lights. I can’t wait to start riding again!



All the cool kids are staying up late

It’s Tour time and Jeremy’s blog is alive again with posts and stories from the world’s greatest cycling event. All the cool kids are staying up late and even I am starting to think it’s time to finally replace my stolen bike seat and start riding again.

But it’s not actually the Tour that’s got me excited about bikes again. And it’s not just Jeremy’s blog that’s come back to life. I’m terribly excited: My favourite blog on living in small spaces is also back on the scene: Tiny-Ass Apartment!! Whoo! Mind the language – apparently it’s not as much of a swear word in the Western Hemisphere. Anyway, they came back with the most incredible bicycle-related-thing I have ever seen.

Do you, like me, live in a one bedroom apartment with no balcony and a body corporate that sends you hate mail if you leave your bike in the stairwell?

The solution is finally here:

The Bike Shelf!

Find out more about this marvelous bicycle rack at the designer’s blog: Knife and Saw.

Rivers, bays and beaches

Today I almost acomplished a long-held childhood ambition – to cycle all the way from my home to Kurnell. It has been a dream of mine ever since I began exloring the Cooks River cycleway as a novice primary-school-aged cyclist. Today the dream only just eluded me – finding myself at the intersection between the route to Kurnell and the route to Cronulla, I tried to push on to my goal, but I had to turn back and head for Cronulla instead because of the pain in my legs. My decline in fitness as I have grown up is really distressing. But even though I was in pain, I did manage to get to Cronulla in an hour and 45 minutes, which is faster than I expected!


bike riding adventures

My, time flies.

Driving home this morning after a morning of running around, I drove past a little kid standing at his front gate in the rain. He was wearing a tracksuit and a black cape and a black mask across his eyes – an unspecified superhero. It was one of those picturesque and absurd moments that make you think “I wish I had a camera!” or “I wish I was a poet!” or “I should write a LiveJournal entry about that!”

I’ve had so many things to say here over the past two months, but none of them have made it, partially due to a lack of time and partially because I don’t know how to write them down. I’ve noticed more and more moments like that superhero incident, and there are so many things I have wanted to write down, but I know they are pretty meaningless if you don’t see them, and they will even become meaningless to me as a I grow older. I wanted to write about Alix’s welcome home lunch last week, and all the little moments that happened that day – the guy I met on Sydnenham station who told me about growing up in Oatley, and navigating my way through Sydney’s St George suburbs by bicycle, and feeling the chill of the air through my jumper as I rode downhill.

Transportation situation

I have booked my driving test, yay! It’s in a month, so that is a month to make sure I can do things like park a car. In an ideal world, I will pass that test and be able to drive from September onwards.

I finally got around to washing my shoes, and they are clean and shiny. And also wet at the moment. The Glenbrook dirt is gone, but the writing along the side wouldn’t come off. That’s ok though – the writing on the side is good. I think I am up for another walk in Glenbrook.

This afternoon I took my bike out again for the first time in probably 4 months. Being on my bike again made me remember why I have been going on and on about getting it serviced. As I was riding around the racecourse, I realised that my subconcious was being bothered by a high pitched sqeauling noise. It wasn’t coming from the racecourse – it was following me. It wasn’t just my ears ringing – it stopped when I stopped pedalling. So I turned around and went home to get oil. The only oil I could find was my brother’s valve oil from his trumpet. Oh well. He doesn’t have any valve oil left now :S
I loved it, I can’t believe I stopped riding for so long. Argh, what was I thinking? That’s right – it needs a service. I made a list of things to get for my bike. Here they are in order of necessity:
– a service
– a bell
– a light
– new patches and glue for my repair kit
– oil
– anything else the bike servcing people tell me I need to keep my bike healthy
– a rack to carry things on
– a satchel to put on the rack (because mum says that balancing a milk crate is difficult). Failing that, a milk crate.

So yeah, I am all for riding again! It was magical today. My hands were covered in grease from oiling the chain, and my legs were covered in mud from riding through puddles. I sat back and dropped my hands and me and my bike just flew on, we know all the turns like the back of our hands or whatever bikes have instead of hands. Maybe that isn’t very responsible behaviour. My near-collision count today comes to:
other bikes – 2
poles – 1
children – 0
cars – 1
soccer balls – 1
dogs – 3

Oh, what a lovely time. Hopefully there will be time to fix my bike up in the next fortnight and then it will be back like before, riding everywhere and being happy.

Catching mountains trains are one of my new favourite hobbies. In the holidays I caught heaps, but since ancon and uni, there have been hardly any trips at all. Yesterday I got to go all the way to Springwood and it was lovely. I like the way the sun goes down when I am going up and it looks pretty.