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Twas my birthday today. It was a lovely day. We spent double maths playing scategories and eating all the food out of the lunchbox of one of the guys in my class. Playing scategories was a pain, cause four of us were in the same Geography class and had the same list of obscure countries. Aaron won a round with Zimbabwe, because the rest of us had all gone with the apparently less known Zaire and Zambia. Pffft. We had wedges for lunch, and I gatecrashed Dan’s bible study again, cause the girls’ one didn’t eventuate today. And I had a fantastic afternoon, traisping over Annandale with Jon looking for his music teacher’s house, and then just hanging in the city.

I missed Mystery, Ste and Chris, cause they were on a Jap excursion and there were lots of sick people. Get better all of you. Especially you. Yes you. I’m talking to you, Clare and Sarah. Get better now.

My Biology teacher, gave me my favourite highlighter to keep. ^__^ Yay for Ms Eastment! She beats Mr Talbot into the ground, who would never have given me a birthday present.

Eleanor, I Love You. Brush up your shakespeare. Start quoting him now. Brush up your Skaespeare, and the women you will wow.

That’s all for now, I think.
Oh wait. I have to tell you that Philip got the the Jet CD. Grrrr… The worst instance of someone buying me a present for their own benefit.

24 Days ’til Blackstump!!