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Last night at St James

I decided that I would have a final night at st James to make sure I left well, so last night I went back. All up, it was probably the best service to have as my last one. I am completely assured that I belong at St John’s now, but at the same time I’ll miss st James a lot. Here are some things that happened on the night of my last service:

● I had dinner with some of the girls from the bible studies I have been in over the last couple of years.

● I walked into church and found out that they had already taken my nametag away. I had to make a new one and I looked like a visitor:
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● The very first song we sang was one of my favourites that I have only ever sung at st James. The fist time I sung it was the first night I went to church and had no friends, but a whole lot of older people talked to me. After that night all those years ago, I felt like I was part of St James. It was sad and lovely to remember on the night I was leaving.

● At that point I realised it would be the last time for awhile I would be singing at church with a guitar in the music team (St John’s music team is much smaller than st James)

● My friend Blake, who I used to lead youth group with, gave his testimony. He talked a lot about the accident he had on our youth group camp. He said lots of things about that time that I had no idea about. I know now how much of a miracle it was that he survived and thank God that He was doing a better job than me.

● Jason (assistant minister) gave a fantastic sermon. I love Jason’s sermons even more than our senior ministers.

● We had communion, which is pretty much the best thing ever and so great to celebrate it on my last night with them.

● At the end we sung “Rock of Ages”, and the congregation sung so loudly and with such enthusiasm that I couldn’t hear the musicians.

So that was that. It was a lovely evening.
And now it’s uninterrupted attendance at st John’s! Yay!


Do you have a friend called Thanatos?

Disclaimer: This is not being written in a fit of procrastination!

I am feeling really accomplished at the moment. I have an essay due on Monday that I started this morning (as in I started most of the reading this morning) and I have already written nearly half of it. I wrote up a list of things I wouldn’t get distracted by – freecell, food, sms, internet, music – and I have given into all of them at some point throughout the day. And I am still only 1000 words away from freedom! Yay! It just goes to show what a difference it makes when you are writing about something you understand and have interest in. It took me at least twice as long to write up my social policy paper last semester.

Well, other things are happening too.

Last night, youth group was an awesome flashback to NTE last december. We took the kids bowling at Enfield. Oh my goodness. 27 children showed up to go, which was more than could fit on the bus that we hired. The other two girl leaders took some of the girls in their cars and I was left in the bus, looking after all the boys and 6 girls, while the two male leaders sat at the front of the bus and tried hard to not be distracted by the noise coming from the back. The boys were more psycho than I have ever seen and it was the longest drive to Enfield I have ever been on. Every couple of seconds I yelled at one of them to keep their arms and heads inside the window. They yelled random things to people when we were stopped at traffic lights and kept taking off their seatbelts and by the time we got off the bus I had a headache. Actually being inside the bowling place was better. The kids had lovely time bowling and running around and other things that kids do and it was cool to sit and talk to some of them.

I paused to reflect on the last time I was at Enfield bowling and the first thing I thought of was this photo of Ryan:
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because the last time I was there was on NTE on our night off!
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Oh they were fun times.

At that point I looked up to see one of my children running off somewhere. And then I realised that they weren’t one of my children – they were one of the children from Belmore Anglican, where our NTE mission was. Their youth group was bowling too! I went over and said hi and it was lovely NTE reunion time.

Other things are happening too, like my sister has lots of performances that I haven’t been to, and my brother is not doing enough school work, and I am no longer a teenager, and my room is clean. There are lots of 21st and engagement parties coming up which is very exciting. I have a field trip in 3 weeks. Matt nearly has a job at uni. Only a couple of months until the summer holidays. I can’t stop biting my fingernails. Things are tense with my mum. My bicycle has a rack. I have broadband now. The weather is cold. Small group is irregular but good. I am reading a long N.T. Wright book, even though I can’t find enough time to do my uni reading. I should write those last 1000 words.

Kyckstart was the most incredibly fantastic and exhausting time. Exhausting cause my friends and I had to cook for and clean up after 70 kids, and incredibly fantastic because of everything else.

Somehow, I managed to repeatedly run into heaps of people from Sydney Uni, and repeatedly run into Claire (sort of helped that she and the rest of her youth group were wearing identical green scarves).

But the talks, they were excellent. I know Claire already gave a run down in her LJ, but here is my 40 second summary:

Talk 1
We are a family in Christ! If we are focused on God, we share a passion based on something eternal, loving and steadfast. We should love each other like Jesus loves us.

Talk 2
You can chain Paul, but you can’t chain the gospel! God can change our lives like he changed Paul’s – we will no longer be afraid of ANYTHING cause we have the most powerful being working with us and changeing us so that we are more like him.

Talk 3
Being great is not about being first! We shouldn’t be trying to be better than everyone else. Jesus came to be a servant king. He came to serve us, he is great because he is humble.

Talk 4
The surpassing greatness of knowing Christ. Knowing Christ is the only thing that counts in the end. We will never be able to get ourselves up to God’s exceeedingly holy standard on our own. We need Jesus to do it for us.

Talk 5
Don’t look at the crap you leave behind. When you become Christian, you leave your sin and guilt and old habits in the past. We are on a new journey, a ONE WAY road to heaven. Don’t lose ground guys, keep working with God to build on what you’ve already attained. Press on, and we’ll get to heaven, and it’ll be sooo much better than here. We’ll have bodies that don’t break down on us, we will live in a world that will NOT be screwed up.

Talk 6
We are not thermometers, we shouldn’t be constantly changing our mood according to the situations we find ourselves in. Our contentment is not dependent on our circumstances. I am content in God. And that works really well, because he is unfailing and stable, and always comes through.

Well, that was the rundown.

Philip came along. He made heaps of friends, which was great. BUT even more great was that he decided that it was time he takes God seriously. He announced he wanted to be christian, which is great news, but I am freaking out, because I don’t know how I’m supposed to support him. But then, there are many great guys at church that will look after him too 😀 He also decided (without me nagging) to come to church, and then single handedly convinced my mum to let him go, both of which are unheard of.

Wilmo and his friend Andy (not the Andy from Sonfest) came to church. Saz and Simon did not come to church. So I guess I won’t see Simon again for awhile. 😦

I think it’s time for some sleep. I am quite tired.


Well Simon is in Sydney! Yay! But I have yet to see him. Or hear from him. Where are you, Simon??? You suck.

Today was pretty ordinary, until the evening. I went to my friend’s place for a youth group thing. It was a girls night, and we ate lots of pizza and chocolate and stuff, and watched a Hilary Duff movie, with a particularly moving script and musical score. Pfft. In all honesty, that movie had used up its quota of emotional music within the first 10 minutes, which meant that the rest of the film’s emotion came across as the most hilarious melodrama.

Hanging out with the kids was cool. I met some new year 7s. They are church kids, they go to sunday school thing, but not youth group. I told them they’d better get their arses to youth group next term (although I didn’t say it in such a mean manner). My sister came too, and hung out with the year 8 girls, so that was cool.

After that, I traipsed over to my friend Denning’s house. He was very drunk by the time I got there. And then he threw up a lot and his sister took him to bed. So I didn’t get to talk to him much. But twas OK, I made some new friends, and hung out with Tom. And now I am back home, with the pleasant sort of headache that is induced by a little bit of vodka and will give me a good night’s sleep.

I am waiting for someone to respond to me on MSN but he isn’t actually saying anything. Maybe he fell asleep? Ah well. I’m off to bed then.

Argh. I had one hell of a time on youth group. It was so tiringly fantastic. Amazingly, it never rained.

We set off for the royal national park at 6pm. Only 5 of the kids ended up coming, but boy, that was more than enough I think. Two of them were very loud and hyperactive drama students from newtown, and two were new-to-teenagerhood guys who have just discovered their hormones :S We ate lots of chocolate on the bus, and we arrived as it was getting dark. Our trek to the YHA involved a 15 minute walk along a closed road, and another 15 minute walk that resembled a bush bash, by torchlight. With 12 year olds. Whoo!

The YHA was a three roomed hut, with only one working light (in the kitchen). There was a pit toilet further away. All the girls went out together cause they were scared. The guys followed and hid in the bushes to scare them. When they came out they were covered in leeches. Whoo!

Aside from mishaps such as these, it was good fun. We played cards, and truth and dare (I got to screen the questions and dares cause I was a leader, which meant I never got asked anything bad :P)

The kids that came along were mad cool, albeit hard to control. The girls from Newtown are fantastic, already they’re devoting their lives to God, and trying to be heard at their school (for non Sydney people, Newtown High isn’t a very receptive-to-christianity school), and they have such mature ideas about stuff, stuff I wasn’t even thinking about til yr 9 or 10.

Today, we got up and I made pancakes (crap packet mix ones). Drew (the younger one) gave a talk. Our discussion groups were weird, cause we had nearly as many leaders as kids! Ah well.

The rest of the morning (and into the afternoon) was taken up with an extremely long bushwalk across the cliffs along the ocean. We went up and down. And up and down. We got lost twice and we all cut our legs on the scrub. Drew (elder one) was waiting at the end with lunch and the bus. We all went swimming at a fantastically beautiful beach, and drank and drank and drank (everyone ran out of water on the walk).

The bus trip home, I was sooooo tired, but for some reason the kids still had heaps of energy, which they diverted into throwing chips out the car window and dancing along to the radio. I wanted to go to sleep. But no. We got back to church early, and I was designated the task of supervising the kids in the hall til their parents came. And I got to yell at them when they kicked the soccerball into the fans etc.

Lovely kids they are, but man, I am so glad that the other 15 kids didn’t come.

Need sleep.

On another note: White Ninja uses a cordless phone

So tired but must get today’s installment in, cause it was a mad day.

Kate and Saz came over and we read Hebrews and it was so lovely.

Flynn left this evening. The guys and myself drove out to the airport and paid a fortune in parking. It was so depressing. I would have cried except the guys were there. Flynn’s mum would have too I reckon. She looked pretty upset. It’s sort of weird that I won’t see him for 9 months. And when he comes back, he will be a different person, which is scary.

I tried to finish my youth group talk and discussion questions, but I got utterly stumped. So I got online at about 11:00 maybe to forget the fact that I am too stupid to do stuff for God (which is a lie, as I found out). And then I made that complaint to people. And then, it was so cool, I was talking to Adrock from the chapel, and he’s been leading yr 7 youth groups for awhile, and he looked through stuff and helped me think of questions and now it’s all worked out.


Oh my gosh the gratification of seeing my screencaps turned into icons 😀
Yeah – see my user pic? I took that screen cap (I’m not actually lonely, just sgowing off my excellent screencap). Oh yeah. I’m so cool. So cool. Gome. Yeah, and some wonderful person called madamevoilanska turned some of my screencaps, along with some of her own screencaps, into icons, and now I feel like I’ve given something to the austenicons community after leeching off it for so long.

Youth Group tonight was cool. Lovely time. I didn’t get to talk to my kids much, cause they combined all the grades together, but OI caught up with Michael and Alistair from school, and I met some girls from St Schols, which was very exciting, cause they caught the bus with me before. And after some of the leaders went and got maccas. But I found it weird being at maccas after 11 o’clock without saz and brad.