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Argh. I had one hell of a time on youth group. It was so tiringly fantastic. Amazingly, it never rained.

We set off for the royal national park at 6pm. Only 5 of the kids ended up coming, but boy, that was more than enough I think. Two of them were very loud and hyperactive drama students from newtown, and two were new-to-teenagerhood guys who have just discovered their hormones :S We ate lots of chocolate on the bus, and we arrived as it was getting dark. Our trek to the YHA involved a 15 minute walk along a closed road, and another 15 minute walk that resembled a bush bash, by torchlight. With 12 year olds. Whoo!

The YHA was a three roomed hut, with only one working light (in the kitchen). There was a pit toilet further away. All the girls went out together cause they were scared. The guys followed and hid in the bushes to scare them. When they came out they were covered in leeches. Whoo!

Aside from mishaps such as these, it was good fun. We played cards, and truth and dare (I got to screen the questions and dares cause I was a leader, which meant I never got asked anything bad :P)

The kids that came along were mad cool, albeit hard to control. The girls from Newtown are fantastic, already they’re devoting their lives to God, and trying to be heard at their school (for non Sydney people, Newtown High isn’t a very receptive-to-christianity school), and they have such mature ideas about stuff, stuff I wasn’t even thinking about til yr 9 or 10.

Today, we got up and I made pancakes (crap packet mix ones). Drew (the younger one) gave a talk. Our discussion groups were weird, cause we had nearly as many leaders as kids! Ah well.

The rest of the morning (and into the afternoon) was taken up with an extremely long bushwalk across the cliffs along the ocean. We went up and down. And up and down. We got lost twice and we all cut our legs on the scrub. Drew (elder one) was waiting at the end with lunch and the bus. We all went swimming at a fantastically beautiful beach, and drank and drank and drank (everyone ran out of water on the walk).

The bus trip home, I was sooooo tired, but for some reason the kids still had heaps of energy, which they diverted into throwing chips out the car window and dancing along to the radio. I wanted to go to sleep. But no. We got back to church early, and I was designated the task of supervising the kids in the hall til their parents came. And I got to yell at them when they kicked the soccerball into the fans etc.

Lovely kids they are, but man, I am so glad that the other 15 kids didn’t come.

Need sleep.

On another note: White Ninja uses a cordless phone