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Over the last couple of weekends I have been working on a new storage facility. Somehow we are going to make this little apartment fit all the things that we need to work and study, and a properly functioning filing cabinet is going to make it just a little bit easier!


Thanks Dad for the filing cabinet, Mum-in-law for the wallpaper and John from Canterbury Mitre 10 for teaching me how to deal with the rust.

EDIT: How to make over a filing cabinet


D is for…

It’s been a long time, LiveJournal. Prepare for a dump of Spring posts!

My cousin’s baby Diesel turned one last week. I made him some alphabet t-shirts with freezer paper, and I am so pleased with how they turned out that I had to show off on the internet:


In other crafty news, my family got me a sewing machine for my birthday, which has been amazing. The machine’s inaugural project was to make some pillow cases to brighten up some sad old pillows. Yay, colour! It feels so good to make things!


Australia takes over etsy

Tomorrow is Australia Day, and crafty types all around the country are celebrating with a massive sale on etsy.com from Australia Day until the end of January.

All you need to do is use the coupon code “ausday” at the checkout of any participating Australian seller to get 15%-25% off any product.

You can find a lists of almost all items on sale over at the Sydney Etsy Team blog. Also, over the few couple days until the end of January I will be sharing some of my own favourite Australian etsy sellers who are taking part in the sale.

Here are the pieces that feautured here on LJ

Showing off

Excitingly, my side career as an craft-person on etsy is taking off, thanks largely to many friends who are being super supportive. I’ve sold enough now to even cover some of my production costs!

Until now, I’d forgotten how much fun it is to make things. I haven’t produced much by way of arts and craft since early high school. It’s wonderful to be able to imagine and create things again, even within the limits of my all-too-narrow creative and technical capacity. I love it!

Showing Off