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Electing an archbishop

Before you make any joke about it: there was no white smoke.

On Monday evening this week about 800 synod representatives began the unusual process of electing an Archbishop; by 8pm Tuesday we had elected Glenn Davies to lead the Anglican church in Sydney. Other than the prayer throughout and bible readings and sermon in the middle, the process was ordinarily political. There was a minute book. And debating. And ayes and nays. And lots of voting by secret ballot. And God worked through it all in a weird and wonderful way. After some mean campaigning over the previous months the election itself was polite and civil on Monday, and stuffed with moments of love, reconciliation and genuine fellowship on Tuesday. At least from my perspective. If you are interested in more details, drop me a line and I’ll tell you more of the story.

 photo Untitled-17_zps22667076.jpg
Glenn Davies accepts the synod’s invitation to become Archbishop

Now that the election is over it seems appropriate to reflect on the whole process with a round-up of some of my favourite commentary on the election campaigning. With only two candidates the campaigning was very pointy and political. Sometimes it was too painful to engage with. But sometimes it was awesome. Here were the moments I enjoyed best:

Commentary round-up (with video memes!) under the cut