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Silent night, nothing feels right.

I’m currently at work listening to That was the worst Christmas ever by Sufjan Stevens and collating the Food Insecurity survey responses to send back to all the agencies who participated in the study.

Reading everyone’s stories about not having enough to eat, especially the comments reflecting on Christmas, especially while listening to this song – it’s all a little bit overwhelming. I can’t help but wonder whether any of these people are better off a year later, or whether things have gotten worse.

In time the snow will rise, in time the snow will rise.
In time the Lord will rise, in time the Lord will rise.

Not knowing how to make things better is crippling.


It is finished

Last Tuesday was World Food Day, and the third day of Anti-Poverty Week in Australia. It was also the day that Anglicare Australia launched their annual State of the Family report, which this year was focused on the food insecurity research that our team has been working on for over a year. It was finally published! So exciting!

PhotobucketThe report authors (minus Sally), with Senator Rachael Siewert (third from left), who launched the report.

The study was centered on a household food insecurity among low income households, who were sampled from clients accessing Anglicare services all around the country. We used a tool developed by the United States Department of Agriculture. The whole experience was incredibly eye-opening, it was very depressing at times and needed lots of hard work to publish it by the World Food Day deadline! I’m so glad I had the opportunity to be involved in this.

You can read the report if you like: it is available here. Volume 1 is mainly reflective essays from different Anglicare agencies; Volume 2 is our research report so download that one! If you are not up for reading the whole thing (it’s very long!) then chapters six through eight are the most interesting. They have the most direct quotes and stories from the clients who participated.

I’m hoping that this research raises awareness bout what poverty is like in Australia, but even more, I’m hoping that Christians especially sit up and pay attention. It would be wonderful if churches started responding as quickly as possible by considering how they can be welcoming places for people who struggle with household food insecurity. That would be much better than waiting for the government to do something.

“It affects everything. The school wants to know why the kids are hungry. You try and avoid as you can’t afford to feed them. It’s embarrassing. My kids have no shoes. He’s come home with black eyes ‘cos he’s the poor kid.”
Page 42


It’s been a few weeks now but I think I’m finally in the swing of Matt being back in full time study along with working a full day at church every Sunday. It means we are on one income and one day weekends, which I was afraid of at first but has turned out just fine. So far we have been very good at organising household things – the house has stayed tidy and the ironing hasn’t turned into a feral monster yet. My favourite achievement, though, has been the cooking. After coming back from holidays with an empty fridge we now have miles and miles of frozen stews and sauces in the freezer, an almost constant supply of fresh fruit and lots of other exciting treats. Most excitingly, I have made:

– Pasta (to welcome the start of college with Laura)
– Bread (thanks Jo for your cookbook tip!)
– Icecream (according to Yiayia’s verbal instructions)
– Banoffee biscuits (a delicious experiment with Jen)

Baking with Jen

Last time Jen and I cooked together we made snickerdoodles, which are apparently an American biscuit. This time it was a biscuit twist on British Banoffee Pie. I think this is a good trend to continue with: “Biscuits of the World”!


Even though the sun is still hot, summer is waning. The primary reason I know this is because all the regular events of life are starting up again. The beginning of routine is pretty much the end of summer.

This adjustment has made it hard to post because:

1. I’m not sure what to write about; and
2. I’m not sure where to find the time to write.

In the meantime, here is a picture of bread.

It’s my first ever homemade loaf and it tasted good (you see, one of the things that is making 2012 different so far is a slightly changed attitude to procuring and storing food).

I’ll be back soon with something more structured!

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Yours is the Earth

This shop is the bomb.

Yours is the Earth is an Atlanta based store which is pretty much my favourite online store I have ever come across on the internet. The things they make are amazing – beatiful foodie and food inspired products like market bags, tea towels, recipe cards, labels, stationery and prints of their artwork. But even more than making beautiful things, they have an amazing story and vision behind their work. Everything they make is about minimising consumption through reusable packaging, buying local produce and making things at home. And ultimately it’s a beautiful expression of what it means to live in the world that God has made. His is the earth, and everything in it.

I’m fighting the urge to buy something from them. I think think that shipping things about buying local produce from the other side of the world is a little bit ironic. But I can still rave about them from afar! Maybe if you are in North America you should check them out for me.

You can read their story and find their website here.
Their etsy store is here.


Back in the days of Rach and Tim’s engagement and early marriage, when Rachel was temporarily an Australian, I learnt lots of crazy American recipes from her. Especially during Christmas. Apparently cooking sweet things is big in her family at Christmas time. The coolest recipe was definitely buckeyes – little balls of sweetened peanut butter covered in chocolate. Now I have a nice suite of recipes and ideas to cook Christmas treats for my workmates. Thanks Rachel!

Recently on Design*Sponge I saw this recipe for peanut butter cups. Inspirational! Time to merge memories of cooking with Rachel and Design*Sponge goodness:

Photobucket Photobucket

They worked! And they taste awesome! Now I just have to make sure I don’t eat them all before I give them away…