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Here’s something you wouldn’t know if you don’t do modern history:

Well once there was this country called Germany, and they were heaps angry at another country that lived next door, called France. Germany was angry for a whole lot of reasons, and France was angry right back at them. And they decided to go to war. But France had this friend country called Russia who lived on the other side of Germany, so Germany was like:
“uh oh. They’re going to attack me from both sides.”

But then Germany remembered this guy who used to live in his house called Mr Schlieffen, who was really good at planning war. Years and years ago, Mr Schlieffen had made a “Let’s attack France and Russia plan” and named it “the Schlieffen plan” so that Germany could win all it’s future wars. He thought that at the start of a war, a little bit of Germany would keep Russia busy fighting, while the rest of Germany snuck into France through the back gate, killing everyone in Belgium’s granny flat (In France’s back yard) and then they would run all the way to Paris and kill everyone, and then run quickly to the other side to kill everyone in Russia.

Well, so Germany thought:
“Hey, that’s a good idea, and it might just still work.”
but then they screwed it up and forgot to go to Paris the right way. And then the French people were like
“Go away and stop killing us or we’ll kill you back.” And so the French were killing people too.

And then, man, this country across the road called England was like:
“We wanna kill Germany too!”

And then Germany was like:
“Woah! Looks like we’re gonna have to fight a bit harder.”

And then Russia was like:
“Well how bout we attack Germany from somewhere where they don’t expect?”

And Germany was like:
“Oh no, I have to kill too many people at once.”

And then they killed lots of people. And then they got killed lots.

And then something else happened and Germany lost World War One.
Oh yeah, America joined in too, and Germany ran out of food, and British people worked out how to use guns.

The end.

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First glitch in my Post HSC goodness

Well there is a stumbling block already and the HSC isn’t even over.
My fruit shop, which I was intending to return to after the HSC for some money to fuel me to Queensland, has new management. This is bad, because I was hoping they would hire me because they knew me. But they won’t know me, and they will think me no better than the next person. Unless they just take me anyway because they are nice.
Booooooo! I hope that they will need me, and will hire me. I need some money and a job I can leave aftre two months. 😦

My handstanding seems to be coming along well.

Today ended up NOT being my last Sunday at work, they still need me next week. But now knowing that it doesn’t matter whether I am fired or not, I had the boldness to challenge authority, and with my friend Wendy’s help, change the CD.

For the recordd, our CD player holds three CDs at once, but they have kept Simply Red in since April, often pairing it up with Kate Cebrano or Van Morrison. Or both. It has managed to make me very much start to dislike Van Morrison, and I don’t think I’ll never forgive them, because until the CD crisis, I thought he was pretty cool. On Thursday, we realised it was the last straw after Simply Red was played on repeat for four hours.

So, after today’s first bout of Simply Red, Wendy showed me how to work the machine and we replaced the album of death with the Beatles #1 album. We had to sit through Kate Cebrano and some other loser before we heard the Beatles. But, at 4:00, the CD’s rotated and the glorious sounds of the Beatles streamed through the shop. The boss looked a bit… confused? bemused? angry? I couldn’t pick it. But I stopped worrying after one of the customers started singing along with her daughter. And then there was a lady dancing while she was choosing her lettuces. And a whole lot of customers pretending not to sing.

Yeah, good old Beatles…

A Day of Joy, mostly.

Hmmm. I’m outlining today. It was a day of joy.

If you get bored reading this, skip ahead to my work anecdote, it is something I tremendously want to share.

Wake up. Eat. Clean room. Take washing in. Empty and stack diswasher. Pack bag.

Finish reading geography notes. Read Corinthians. It was very very appropriate for me. I love the way that whatever I need to hear, I hear it. God is very intelligent.

Rejoice in God’s coolness and the way he doesn’t leave me hanging. I put on worship CD and dance up and down the house (everyone else has gone to school/work. Good thing, because otherwise I would be told for acting religious. w00t.)

Go to bus stop. Talk to Jason. Get on bus. Continue conversation about Lindsay and Jason’s spontaneous performance of Othello in year 10.

Do Geography assessment. It was a pain. But a hilarious time anyway. I love my Geography class. It is groovy. We used Catholic school broadsheets, which were crap, as usual (no insults to people in catholic schools, they just are because they have less money to produce nice ones). We had to keep asking Ms Ireland questions about what the broadsheets were saying. Chris and I put up our hands at the same time, but Ms Ireland’s back was turned. She remained like that for several minutes. So we started coughing and waving our arms around, trying to get her attention. Then it was a competition to see who she would attend to first. But Chris won, cause he was at the front. And the Daniel’s phone started beeping. Whoops. Mr Mulligan = not too impressed.

Leave exam room. Go to Mr Millward’s room with Feiyi to get newspaper. We were scared of Mr Milward, because he usually yells when we’re late getting the paper. But when we knocked, Mr Strauss opened the door. He was watching a crazy crazy Japanese movie (not the sumo one) with a year 7 class, and was in a good mood. Hooray, we got newspapers!

Look for Jon. Can’t find him. Bastard. Then the music students (including Jon) came with Porchos, and disappeared again. Stupid loser boy. He said he’d come back, but he didn’t and I had to catch my bus without seeing him. I hate him, damn loser.

Mysty came over, and that was nice. We went to Burwood. It was all lovely. Then I went to work.

Work was mundane. Until I was given a new job. READ ON:

Perhaps if you were at Burwood Westfield sometime after 6:45, Thursday, you might have heard a voice bellowing “ALL SALADS HALF PRICE! HALF PRICE SALADS AT FRUITICIOUS!” Perhaps you might have heard it coming from the fruit market, from a girl standing infront of the newsagent. The tallest female worker in the fruit shop, I might add.

That person was me.

I’m sure that many of you, especially my dear dear ashbury friends will be very proud to hear that my loudness was not in vain. It an important part of my life, preparing me for the job that I was given tonight. My voice resonated through Westfield. Teehee!! I’m amused.

Goodnight. I’m tired.

Today I am officially a checkout chick, my training is finished and I can sell people every type of fruit, except pears, which are still very very confusing to tell the difference between.

Did anyone know that you can eat fennel? Isn’t fennel a lovely word?

Lunch was very out of the ordinary. I went to my usual lunch place (the in the Westfield foodcourt, around the corner from subway), but my favourite window seat was taken. So I sat at the only table left, which provided me with views of a couple at one table, and a man at my window table.

The couple, I wouldn’t watch, I had to give them privacy. But they were lovely anyway. They were an older couple, in the thirties, I imagine. And I liked them because, unlike the younger couples one generally sees in Burwood, they weren’t trying to go as far as they could without actually having sex on the table. They looked very happy and very much in love. No trying to feel each other up though, which was very good.

The man at my table, I could watch as much as I wanted. I was there for twenty minutes, and the entire time, he was siting with his chair turned away from the table, towards the window, lost in his own thoughts. It was raining. I was so damn jealous! I wanted to be at that table! I wanted to be able to sit for more than twenty minutes! I wanted to be lost in my own thoughts! I wanted to watch the rain! But seeing as I couldn’t do these things, I watched the man instead (he didn’t notice), and I felt happy enough for him.

I’m home now, of course, and am not allowed to go to church. Mum said “No buts!!” when I tried explaining that I’ve studied heaps already for exams tomorrow.

Mum: “No Church! I want you to study and then I want you to sleep!”
Me: “But Mum, I studied for hours yesterday. I don’t think that taking two hours out of tonight’s studying is really going to make a difference. And I had 10 hours sleep lasyt night and a two hour nap yesterday afternoon. I am not tired.”
Mum: “No Buts!!!”

And look at me. I’m neither studying or sleeping. I am writing in my livejournal. She doesn’t seem to care about that. Obviously, keeping an online diary is much more interesting and beneficial than going to church.


By the way, me having 2 hours nap and 12 hours sleep is perfectly true. And it was great fun too. I strongly recommend it.

Save Australian Bananas

A very absurd incident happened at work today. A lady protested at our fruit shop. But she wasn’t a normal protesting person. Her performance lasted 5 minutes, she didn’t say a word. She was holding a huge sign saying “Save Australian Bananas”, and she stood outside the shop for two minutes, and then she walked around the shop, bought some fruit (locally grown, I bet) and walked away, still holding the sign above her head. She didn’t seem at all passionate about imported produce. She said nothing, not even to the checkout girl serving her. It was very very odd.

In anticipation of Kate’s P Party, here is a list of things that would be funny, but difficult to dress up as:

A Pendulum
A Particle
A Planet
A Passport
A Pencil
Paul Keating
The Parthenon
A Pedal
A Pentagon
A Payphone
A Pez Dispenser

Sorry for wrecking anyone’s suprise costume. It would actually by quite funny if someone did dress up as one of these. I can imagine that the Payphone could be possible. I present this challenge to Eleanor, because i bet she could do it.

I feel sick

But I want to write anyway. I’ll make it quick before I throw up 😛

I went to the beach. It was very fun. I can’t be bothered writing anything, so read it here: Steson’s beach story (It’s very moany and Steson-like), or here: Martin’s beach story (Perhaps a bit happier than Stesons).

I went to work. It was bring and I was sick, which was a pain, because I had to stand and breathe in the fumes of many types of salad and fruit and yoghurt all day, which didn’t help much.

But I did get to ride on the forklift fork, which was very exciting, until I almost bumped into the ceiling, and then Eddie (The guy driving it) started driving down a ramp, so I almost fell off. But even that was exciting in a scary way. And then one of the bosses came out the back and saw us, and didn’t look too pleased, due to OHS and all that liability stuff.

I want to watch a movie now, but I don’t know what one.

It’s a toss up between Spirited Away and Persuasion. But I’m reading Persuasion… perhaps not to overdose on that?