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Mystery vegetable

We have been growing a mystery vegetable in our garden all winter and spring. It’s beautiful, it was a climber, with tiny leaves and flowers and tendrils. And then it started bearing fruit, tiny pods. Were they peas? Nope. It turned out to be a lentil bush.

It’s exciting to finally work out what it is, but I also feel a little let down. I’ve invested a lot of time and energy in caring for this plant, and to harvest all the lentils from it will take even more time and energy. In the end I will probably nearly get enough lentils for one meal. It’s hasn’t turned out to be a particularly cost-efficient crop.

I’ve planted more seeds anyway, and they are already sprouting. Maybe I am a little foolish, but those leaves and flowers are so beautiful! I would love to grow them again. Maybe in a different part of the garden. This time I’ll save the vegetable patch for actual vegetables.

 photo Lentils_zps0cc3efec.jpg



With one week left of semester to go I’m ready to have a rest. The holiday will have to wait though. The undergrad students are leaving campus but there is still plenty of work to do. I’m not taking any time off until July!

In the meantime I’ve been trying to work out what helps me to rest when I come home exhausted and stressed. To my surprise one of the really relaxing things has been tending to my garden! With such a short commute, I’ve been able to leave and come home while it is still light. Just a quarter of an hour of pruning, watering, weeding and transplanting has been a valuable time for unwinding after hard days. I’m so thankful for the garden we have in this home!

 photo d67df286-d4a9-4bb2-9ac0-197dcaa9f98f_zps5eeecf3b.jpg

It’s just small but we have a huge range of things growing!