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Hey hey hey

Sufjan Stevens was so so good. If I wasn’t looking forward to something much more exciting this weekend, I would wish that it was Monday night again.

3 and a half days to go!!


Once again it’s Saturday

Another Undaground gig…
Yeah, all the same things as per usual. A hamburger for dinner, running backwards and forwards past Padstow station, listening to not-sounding-too-good bands, but still saying nice things to them anyway, numerous small children. I spent most of Wishful’s set watching 17 year old boys with emo hair and tight black jeans beat each other up in their frenzied moshing-like behaviour. My brother (a 16 year old boy with emo hair and tight black jeans) bagged them out. But I guess I am no less of a hypocrite. I laughed at all the people with their fringes and their converse shoes. And then I pushed my hair out of my eyes and looked at my feet and realised I was being a retard.

I don’t know why tonight was so ordinary. Far and away the best time all evening was spent sitting outside on the phone to Matt. Maybe I am getting too old for it all? But I’m still a teenager!!

Haha. Reformation Rap.
I won’t be satisfied until The O.C. Supertones is accepted as normal music in Sarah’s car 😛

When I ask You show the way…

Today was an unforgettable day of nothing happening, and then everything happening.
I got to the Madsen computer labs at 8:30am, and didn’t leave until 2:30pm, for a half hour break. And then I was back in there again until quarter to 5. When I left, it was getting dark and it was cold and starting to rain.
And what did I do sall of these hours? I made maps, and then made pretentiously insightful comments about them, and finished our economic group assignment. Yesss. Also my tutor (not the one who deleted my stuff) talked to me for half an hour about the politics in Quebec, which was the most interesting thing I learnt all day.

The Wishful/Sounds Like Chicken gig was strange. As Jeremy has pointed out in his entry already, Wishful have done crazy things to their set list – playing old old songs I don’t know, and playing new songs that I don’t know. They didn’t play Eternity and they didn’t play Victoria.

Also it was strange because…it was the fist gig I have ever been to where I attempted to look after 15 twelve year olds in the midst of a small mosh pit. They did a pretty good job though, only one girl fell over, and a couple of them even picked up on the skanking. I had to spend most of the time on the edge with them, but I got to dance a little in the last song. All in all, I am very excited about this promising group of young gig kids. They want to borrow my CDs. Next year they will be tall enough to go in the circle!

It rained today and my shoes got wet and they never dried. They are still wet, in the laundry. My feet are finally dry, but they are cold. I am getting my hot water bottle and going to bed. Hmm.

This is pretty much a big list, with sublists.

Paul was 20 yesterday and Flynn is 19 today.

May has been a crazy mess of birthdays and walking long distances and gigs and st barnabas burning down and hyperactive youth and heightened emotions and Jeremy’s AM radio and pho and broken hearing aids and slow days at work and Relient K and frenzied academic journal reading and high school friends and people going out (Jason from Geography is engaged!).

I have enjoyed May.

June is going to be a crazy mess of assessments and gigs and errands have have been waiting for months to be run (like getting a medicare card and going to the bank and the credit union and booking an orthodontist appointment and a driving test and getting my bike serviced). I feel like my life is the small writing on the Ancon banner (BOOK BLACKSTUMP ASAP!).
At the end of June is the holidays. I have never ever ever wished for the holidays this much in my life.

Last night we raced a train to Penrith, and lost.

There is lots of work to do this week but still time for gigs:
Jon Reichardt on tuesday
Sounds Like Chicken and Wishful Thinking on friday and saturday

I am going to make it to the end of stuvac without having to uninstall freecell from my computer. Here goes…

Feels like a Saturday

Today was one of those days that is reflected in the weather. It was cold and damp and dreary and always about to rain.

I witnessed a car crash this morning at the bus stop. A car drove was on the roundabout as a small ute went flying through, without slowing down. He rammed into the passenger side and the glass fell out of the window and the car flew 5 metres up the hill, looking like it weighed nothing. There were two girls in the car, they were both ok. The girl in the passenger seat used to be my netball coach. I was half an hour late to uni.

I made it to all my classes on time, or even early. I spent my empty hours doing not much at all. Meh.

We were talking together
I said what’s up with this weather
don’t know whether or not
how sad I just got
was of my own volition
or if I’m just missing the sun.

and tomorrow I know will be rainy at best
and the forecast I know is that I’ll be depressed
but I’ll wait outside
hoping that I’ll catch sight of the sun.

because on and off the clouds have fought for control over the sky
and lately the weather has been so bipolar and consequently so have I

but now I’m sunny with a high of 75
since You took my heavy heart and made it light
and it’s funny how you find you enjoy you’re alive
when you’re happy to be alive.

The evening was a whole new story. I met Mark and Chris at broadway for our tuesday gigging adventure. We had lots of time to kill so we decided to walk to Surry Hills (an idea that backfired on us later on). The first band sounded like all the worst things played at the loudest volume, we couldn’t get away from it even though we were sitting in a different room. But the other band, Darcy, they were good. And of course, Caxton were a bag full of fun times. Kerryn is a maniac on those bells. They have won my award for second most hilarious band (after the Amazing Joel Hockey Movement). Luke, their new drummer, was also hilarious, especially in their encore song (which he had never played before).

At 11 o clock Brad, Chris, Mark and myself walked out of the hotel and considered the walk that lay ahead of us to get back to Chris’ car (parked off King st in Newtown). 40 minutes later we emerged onto City rd, discussing the possibility of sleeping in Moore Books, in much the same manner as Manny sleeping in Goliath Books. But it was not to be.

On the way home we were accosted by a strange old man at 7-11. Chris sang awesome solo lyrics to MxPx. We had the windows wound down to stop the car window fogging up and it was cold.

It was real saturday night behaviour, which I am maintaining by sitting here at 1:20am writing about crazy gig-related antics. Except that tomorrow I need to get up and lead a bible study, which takes more brain power than getting up to sell people lotto and Sunday Telegraphs. Also I need to get up and shower because my hair has pub gig smell. And also I need to start writing my essay again tomorrow. Booo.

I got stung by a bee today 😦
I couldn’t get the sting out cause I have no fingernails.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Alix and Paul tried to help. Somehow, it came out. And then after all that, I didn’t even come close to fainting, which was a waste in my opinion.

But here is some important housekeeping news:
This is really important if you want to come to Blackstump.

Firstly, a plug:
Blackstump is fantastic. It is a brilliant weekend of camping and music and God and not taking showers and doing the most asburdly random things. Check out the Black Stump web site. I swear, you will never have a better weekend. Even if you aren’t Christian, come along. It goes from the 30th Sept to 3rd of October, which is a long weekend and part of the school hols, so you don’t miss any school or uni.

And now the housekeeping:
My friend Jacob from my church has taken it upon himself to organise a group so we can get cheaper tickets. He’s asked me to ask all anyone who wanted to come with me to join his group so he can get the numbers and we can all get a discount on tickets. We don’t even have to stay with them if anyone is weirded out by camping with people they don’t know.

The tickets went on sale a while ago, and the longer you put off buying your tickets the more the price increases. At the moment, they are $75 I think (including the discount), however this price will go up towards the end of June. So if you are intending to come with me, we need to get our money in really soon if the discount is going to be worth it.

So yeah, if you are coming, LEAVE A COMMENT FOR THIS POST with your name and email (so many people are getting new emails, I need to know where to send stuff). This includes people like Sarah and Brad who I know are definately coming. I can’t remember everyone who has told me they want to come, so this is the list of people I am giving to Jake. I’ll forward you the emails he’s sent so you can register as part of his group.

And then the money 😦 Money sucks eh, but we need to pay REALLY SOON. Like within 2 weeks. If you could get the money to me by saturday 18th of June (the day of the huge gig at Padstow, if anyone is interested in coming to that :P), that would be fantastic. Please don’t give it to me any later, cause I need to give the money to Jake so he can get tickets etc.

Thanks so much for listening to my rant. I really hope heaps of you can come, cause it’s the most amazing weekend of the year. But even so, I am not going to hound anyone about registering and paying, because this is stressful enough as it is 😛 Get your act together, give me your details, register yourself into Jake’s group after I forward you the email, and scrape up some money. It sounds like heaps of effort, but it isn’t. I registered in 2 minutes, and as for the money, save for it, or beg your parents for some!!! It’s absoultely worth it!

When I was small, the furthest I could reach was not so high

ARgh, crazy weekend!

There was a fair bit of work. As a result, my feet are killing me and I have made some good friends at work, particularly Rachel.

But, yeah, the highlight was really yesterday, April 2nd, day of the attic gig.
I got home from netball at 12, which is very early, because I had a bye!!! 😀 The only issue with this was I had to wait around for hours before the gig. I slowly went insane, so I ironed to clear stuff out of the back room so Jag had somewhere to sleep. At about 3:30, Philip (who was also hanging out for the gig) made us a large afternoon tea. As soon as we sat down to eat, my phone rang. It was Tom, my friend from primary school. He was on my doorstop with Denning, a friend from my church. So that was a lovely way tpo spend the afternoon, just chilling with them, failing to get Tom to come to the concert with us tonight. Ah well.

From then on, our house just kept filling. Philip’s friend turned up. Then came Mysty, Clare, AJ and Nat. Then came Saz, Brad, Jag and Jo. Then Georgia decided to accompany us, even though she hates that sort of music. I had to take the little children (Philip and Georgia and their friends) on the bus, it came very late, and we only just got in before the show sold out. 😀 It was so packed, but so much fun especially when COL were playing. Brad and I freaked out some people around us with our exuberance, and Alix was there, and Jon was there, and Wilmo was there, and Monica was there, and Kate came later on, and about half the other people there went to my church. Geez, it’s a small world, but the christian world is even smaller. And I can’t get over how great it was.

AFter that, things got loess exciting. Jag and I could fit in the car with my mum, so Denning took us home. But he also went to pick up hus sister from work and then we decided to take Wilmo all the way home instead of dropping him of at Central. We go home very late and I was very tired.

Highlight: Accidently causing Brad to headbut Simmo, the COL drummer

Today, me, Jag and Brad had a lovely afternoon in the city just bumming around, visiting churches (such as the “inclusive” St James of the city, which was closed on Sunday, because it is retarded), playing pool etc. Brad came to church with me, twas cool.

Highlight: Having a lovely, not fluked run of pocketing balls in pool, three in a row, even when brad and jag were betting that I couldn’t sink them.

I’m tired.
I’m going to fail my Sociology test.
This is a crap entry, just a string of names that mean nothing if you don’t know any of these people. Let’s say it’s an entry for my remembering later on.