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it was You

Back at home in an ordinary room
We felt You there
It’s my favourite memory
You’re so beautiful to me

No one can fathom how beautiful today was. I think its beauty came out of the fact that it was supposed to be really upsetting. When Georgia came and woke me up, I couldn’t bear the thought of having to write my whole sociology essay today, and I wanted to go back to sleep. The only perk about writing essays during uni time is that I can take my laptop in, but I couldn’t find the thing I need to take the CD drive out to make it lighter. And I had to carry an extra bag full of textbooks, which made it much less of a cool thing.

I sat in a quaint little room for three hours and got 1000 words written. It was pure drivel, but the room was nice. It was one of the old rooms, very quiet and full of old comfortable furniture, bookcases with glass panes and paintings of professors. And there was a nice coloured tree outside, and a breeze blowing, and no one was around to tell me off for eating in there.

At 1:30 I got a call from my friend Paul from EU. I was supposed to meet him, but I was too caught up in my work to remember, and in the meantime he had been drawn into the Student Life picnic on the front lawns. I went out and hung with Student Life/EU people, which was fantastic really. I love it when people from both the groups hang out together. I got to play hackey sack for the first time since school last year and I could still do it! And when the hour was done, I told myself I would go back to work.

But then, the Student Life guys needed help carrying their stuff to the Wentworth building because it was going to rain. So I walked over with them, and chatted for awhile. And then it was 3:00. Ken (who hadn’t even started his essay yet) and I made a pact to work for an hour straight and then have another break at 4, only we got distracted by trying to get my laptop linked to the university’s wireless system, and there went another hour!

Of course, by then realised I may as well stay with Student Life for their weekly meeting, so I ended up there until 6:30. Who would’ve thought I had an essay due? The talk was really good, it was on the whole Salt and Light thing. I’ve never really understood the salt bit, but it’s pretty straightforward, hey. I guess it’s just an example of me being lazy and not thinking. This is what we should be doing as salt:
I don’t know… what else do you do with salt?

When I got outside, it was dark and pouring rain, and I had five minutes to get across campus to the bus stop. The rain was beautiful, but I was soaked through within seconds. My phone fell out of my pocket while I was running and I only realised after I was almost at the bus stop. It was in a puddle. The buttons don’t work properly now. Ah well, I was already intending to get a new one.

At home, it was straight to work. And it all went really well – I was finished by 11:30! And now it is all cool – I’ve emailed to Ken, who is very awesomely handing it in for me tomorrow cause I have to go to work. No more domestic violence essay for me!

Argh, I think I am getting a cold.
Less Than Jake are awesome.
I need to check my water meter.
Kerryn is out of hospital.
I hear Gundagai is going off.
I finished my essay!


It’s a special day, the first day in 6 weeks that I have had the house to myself again. Everyone has finally returned to school, and for 8 glorious hours, I am at leisure to listen to my own music very loudly, and watch Jane Austen DVDs and cook things and dance around the back room. To celebrate the return to this fantastic state, I made myself pancakes. Only I think I ate too many and now I feel a bit sick.

I got my braces off yesterday, whooo!

I was supposed to go to the aquarium with Chris and Jon and other people who I don’t know how else went, but I ditched them and went to Vroni’s instead. And we watched many episodes of Black Books and cleaned her kitchen. You couldn’t actually see her bench 😛 And it worked out inmy favour to stay there for dinner. This morning I opened the fridge to find food, and I saw the leftovers from my family’s dinner last night – tuna and pasta. *shudder*

This week is looking so full, which as I mentioned last time, is probably not a good thing. And I still need to obtain a job. Damn.