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Great Southern Roadtrip

During our three week adventure I tried my best to throw out some updates. However the internet wasn’t always present and when it was we were usually doing something much too fun to interrupt with jumping onto my phone or a computer!

It all started in Katoomba…

Read the rest of the story – and see some pictures – under the cut!


Back to work

My holidays ended abruptly this morning with my alarm at 6:40.

It was a pretty wonderful holiday, a home holiday. I got to do lots of neat things like:
– seeing out-of-town friends
– exploring bits of Sydney
– visiting the art gallery with my Grandma
– bike riding
– testing new recipies
– watching movies
– stitching
– reading
– hanging out with Matt
– hanging out with my parents
– teaching Matt to drive

Fun times!

But work happened again and life is back to normal, with the added drama of an election campaign constantly humming along in the background. I need to be switched on, but I feel so tired just thinking about it. Neither party will do what needs to be done where Anglicare’s work is considered. It makes me feel sad.


Matt and I were late to church on Good Friday morning, but I didn’t mind because our car radio happened to be tuned to Classic FM and we caught the beginning of their transimission of excerpts from Handel’s Messiah. They had started with He Was Despised. Church that morning was excellent. One of the bible readings was the same text that we had just heard sung on the radio – the same text Handel had set to music so long ago. The sermon was very challenging, the singing was uplifting and the people were encouraging. I love going to church for Easter and Christmas because I get to see all the people from the morning, the older people and the children. It’s always good to remember that church is bigger than just the people I meet with on Sunday night.

In the afternoon some friends came over to help me make my eggs for Greek Easter, which fell on the same weekend as regular Easter this year. I had invited a bunch of girls from uni and from church but the uni friends bailed. Oh well. We still had a lovely time!


In the evening we headed up to Katoomba to spend the night with Matt’s family. It was so cold up there, but no one else seemed to notice. Lachlan spent all evening and the next day in a t-shirt and shorts. He’s already had pneumonia one and a half times. He’s totally asking to get it again. The boys spent most of Saturday trying to pull down a tree in the back yard and Sandra and I sat in the sunshine watching for a couple of hours. It was a really lovely morning to be outside, just chilling with family. The day ended with dinner with an old friend 🙂

Sunday began as an exciting flurry of events. We dropped off eggs for all our neighbours and headed to my parent’s place for our delicious Greek Easter lunch. Sadly my allergies started kicking in and I spent most of the afternoon either in sneezing fits or asleep. How frustrating! We were about to leave to go on a holiday! Being sick is lame!

I prodded myself into going to church that evening, and although I was very uncomfortable and didn’t really pay much attention to anything that happened, the actual experience of being sick at Easter turned out to be pretty encouraging. The joy of worshipping a resurrected Lord, and the hope of restored humanity with no death, disease or sickness are both pretty exciting when you can’t breathe properly and your face feels like it is swollen to twice its usual size. Hooray for Jesus’ resurrection!! Hooray that we will share in it too!!

“He is not here. He is risen.”
(c.f. Luke 24:6)

The next three days were a wonderful break from work. We took my parent’s canoe away to the Kangaroo Valley and spent the time floating around on the river and the dam, driving along windy country roads, reading, embroidering and watching old Scrubs episodes. It was probably the most relaxing holiday I have ever taken.

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