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Body Corporate Politics

Maybe the term politics is too dignified for this story.

You may recall an entry I posted a while ago about the number of cats, both owned and stray, that live in our apartment complex.

Over the month or so, this problem has given rise to some hilarious community correspondence. In the lead up to our scheduled council clean up, the body corporate chairman issued instructions on where different types of rubbish were to be left. Rather interestingly there was a specific reference to the disposal of dead cats. They needed to be wrapped up and then left in the garbage bins. Matt and I were concerned that the cat problem was that bad! Were people poisoning cats? Or had our apartment complex become some kind of feline slum where cats were now prone to diseases related to urban overcrowding like malaria and dysentery? A week later however there was another notice apologising for the reference to dead cats. He meant rats.

This week, a new notice appeared. It read like this:

Reference to Dead Cats and Rats

From my previous correspondence where dead cats should have read dead rats, it has come to my attention that there are now a number of dead cats found on the property. Could residents who find dead rats or dead cats on the property dispose of the rats and cats in the usual manner, by double wrapping then and burying them near the letter boxes.

Over the Christmas period, if you are unable to dispose of the dead rats or dead cats, freezing is suitable and the carcasses can be left in the freezers in the communal garbage area.

Thank you for your understanding during this busy period.

John Citizen

Hehe! Morbid but hilarious.

Well, of course, it turns out that our chairman didn’t write that notice. It was some punk making fun of him. In my opinion it is kind of justified. This body corporate gets a little uptight over some silly things. But the chairman didn’t think it was very funny. The prank was followed up by yet another notice dropped in our mail boxes:

To the person who done the malicious letter drop in my name.
Re: Dad cats and rats and the disposal of them

If and when I find the person who wrote the malicious letter to residents I will take legal action against you

John Smith (not Citizen)

I am sitting here now thinking the following:
– This is kind of funny
– Our chairman sounds like a drama queen
– What do the 50 other households in this complex think about this? Are they laughing too? Or have they been mislead by one of these letters and started burying dead animals around the property (or hiring a lawyer!)?
– Does the chairman think I am a suspect? He put this letter in my box and threatened me with legal action!
– I didn’t know that we had a communal freezer


You make me happy when skies are grey

Things that are fun to do?

Currently, there are a number of thing that I really really love doing. They are the things that I look forward to when I am at work or doing jobs. I love teaching myself to knit. I love riding my bicycle to Campsie and wandering up and down Beamish street. I love going to the Campsie library and reliving my childhood. I love sitting on the couch in Matt’s arms and making plans. I love sitting on the couch in Matt’s arms and discussing theology. I love tending the plants that we grow and looking forward to some time when we’ll have a garden. I love playing around on Photoshop and making icons from High School Musical, Black Books, Holly’s Heroes and any Jane Austen adaptation. I love listening to my music at home, and in the car and on my bike. I love dancing to Justin Timberlake. I love dwelling on the lyrics of Sufjan Stevens. I love getting lost in Vivaldi’s counterpoint. I love watching girly movies with friends. I love watching girly movies with my husband. I love the feeling of making something from scratch. I love the feeling of finishing the washing up. I love it when the windows are open and I can smell fresh mint and drying roses. I love it when friends come over unexpectedly. I love seeing my grandparents nearly every week. I love it when they are happy. I love having enough time to take the long route by public transport.

I’m going to go and do some of those things now. After I clean the house 😛


There are lots and lots of cats living around our apartment complex. I discovered today that they aren’t actually cats. They are rodents, wearing cat suits. They dart here and there so you can’t see them. If you leave the door or the window open, they try to come inside and eat your food. They cluster around the crazy cat man and beg him for food. I have never seen cats act so rodent-like. It’s disgusting.

Sorry if this causes distress to cat admirers.

Big catch up

So, I am supposed to be writing a short paper about the theories of this guy called Richard Florida. I picked him because we studied him in Regional Geography last year so I don’t have to do so much work. I pulled out my notes from last year and found some very handy comments I had scribbled down, as well as some very mean comments about Florida himself. Poor man. This will probably be a pretty biased assignment.

But instead, I am going to catch up some things that have happened since last post. In pictures.

We made our first cake.

We had the car for a day. So we went to
Bundanoon. And other places in the Southern Highlands too.

Here is Matt

We went to Bundanoon Anglican where I went for NTE.

And we went to Morton National Park.

And we did other things, but the camera ran out of batteries.

We also participated in Earth Hour with Sarah and Dan!

Time for work.

burning matches, lifting latches

Well, I am married now. It’s beautiful.

Sometimes it feels like the giddy-in-love feeling like when we started going out, and sometimes we have fights – big ones about things we can’t even remember the next day. Every evening it gets to be 10 o’clock, and I don’t have to drive home cause I am already home. And there is no car in the car space anyway. We don’t have one. We catch a lot of trains and buses and rail buses. On Friday I was on the train for nearly two hours to visit Grandma and Grandad in Richmond. We walk a lot too – to the little supermarket on the main street of Hurlstone Park, to by cocoa and eggs, and to the butcher two shops down. I wish it would stop raining so we can ride our bikes. The rain means that we are drying our clothes inside, and there was serious backlog until today when Matt hung it all outside. Now I am surrounded by dry washing, in the living room. Matt is in the bedroom, snoring sometimes. He is sick this evening, so we stayed home from church. It took him awhile to get to sleep.

I hang out with my parents and they tell me things that they would have never told me before. We went to Fiji and we slept through a cyclone. I cooked prawns. We play board games and watch Pride and Prejudice. Last night, we finally got around to seeing Juno and it was very good. We had a mini Black Books marathon, and went to two birthday dinners. People send us mail and pop around to visit. Yeah, it’s very good. I like being married.

Uni goes back soon! I’m doing maths again! And Greek-Australian Culture! And Byzantine history! And some weird thing run by the Digital Arts school called “Technocultures”, which sounds like sociology in disguise.

Cause theme parks are so much more fun when the sun’s outside

I am the winner, because I finally got around to connecting my laptop to the uni wireless system, after 2 and a half years. Whoo!

Sitting here setting it up made me realise that Bernard (my computer) is looking quite loved now. The keyboard is worn down on all the useful letters, and the screen is a little scuffed and his memory is full of pictures and music.

Getting ready to get married and move out have caused me to reflect a lot on the things that have happened in my life. It’s manifested very well in the way that I look around my room now and then to think about the tings that I will take with me. Last night I picked out the posters and trinkets on my wall that I will definately have to take with me. This morning I took stock of all the cards and photographs lined up along my dressing table. There are some lovely things there that I couldn’t bear to throw out – cards and things that Kylie and Vroni and Claire have sent me, photographs with my mum and dad when I was little, my goodbye card after I finished leading youth group at St James. There is a beautiful photo of Ryad’s new daughter, Amal, and a picture of Sarah and I staring into the sun at Black Stump in 2004. I’m excited about packing it all up later on this year and rearranging it somewhere else.

In other news, I have finished 2 of my subjects!! Sort of.
Only 6 hours of uni a week!!

I’m off to get hot chocolate and put off writing my tutorial paper for another hour or two. Have a lovely day.

Something has rekindled my deep appreciation for John Donne and Relient K. They have very good words (although I can’t see Relient K being remembered over the next 5 centuries).

Man. I am blown away by it all.

I caught the bus home with Ryan today. I wasn’t thinking and got off a stop early, but the walk wasn’t that much longer. In retrospect, the bus trip was heaps like the old days of catching the 480 with Chris (except the extra 10 minutes to get between uni and Petersham). Back in the day, I used to catch the 483 to sit with Chris. He would tell me things he was learning and teach me what he was learning from confirmation and talk with me about my family and our friends. The amount I learnt from those conversations, I can’t place any value on. And today was another 483 trip to chat to a wise person and learn as much as I could before Ashfield.

There is a routine that happens when I get home. It goes like this:
key in door, turn key, walk through door, go to room, turn on light, dump bag, throw keys somewhere (they will be lost tomorrow morning), open computer, press silver power button, turn on lamp, close curtains.
All of this happens within a minute. It worries me that turning on the computer is so important, especially seeing as I don’t generally use it for very much.


Wilt thou love God as he thee?
then digest, my soul, this wholesome meditation:

How God the Spirit,
by angels waited on in heaven,
doth make his temple in thy breast.

The Father, having begot a Son most blest,
and still begetting (for he ne’er begun),
hath deign’d to choose thee by adoption (has deigned to choose YOU by adoption!)
coheir to his glory and sabbath’s endless rest.

And, as a robb’d man,
which by searching does find his stol’n stuff sold, must lose or buy it again,
The Son of glory came down and was slain,
us whom he had made, and Satan stol’n, to unbind.

‘Twas much that man was made like God before
but, that God should be made like man, much more.

– John Donne

(+ slight stanza modifications to make it easier to follow)