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Icons with birdienl

I had my first ever icon battle with birdienl with a range of lovely costume drama caps.

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I had a bit of a slump when I started and wanted to throw things at the computer, but eventually I got my head into it and it was more fun than I expected. It was great to be forced to do different things with difficult pictures and to work alongside someone else. The whole exercise highlighted yet again how terrified I seem to be of colour. I feel like I oversaturated my images but then once I sent them out into the real world they looked very washed out. Oh well – practise makes perfect! And all practise with colour also helps me improve my photos in my etsy store…!

Our icons and the caps we worked from are under the cut below. The first ten caps came from birdienl and the next ten caps came from me. birdienl‘s icons are 1 to 20 and mine are 21 to 40. I can’t decide my favourite icon from birdienl so here are my top three:
– #4 (Jane Eyre): I love the colours and the way the frame has been extended and blurred.
– #10 (Sense and Sensibility): for the cropping and the blurring again. And the colours.
– #20 (Vanity Fair): because the texture is so wonderful and the dark picture has been pulled out so nicely.

Icon battle under the cut



Day 01 – Favourite foreign film
Day 02 – A film that is underrated
Day 03 – A film that brings you unadulterated happiness
Day 04 – A film cliché that you love
Day 05 – Favourite love story in a film
Day 06 – Favourite actor/actress
Day 07 – The most surprising plot twist/ending
Day 08 – The best opening/closing credits
Day 09 – The best soundtrack/score to a film
Day 10 – Favourite classic film
Day 11 – Favourite black-and-white film
Day 12 – A film that permanently altered your point-of-view
Day 13 – A guilty pleasure…
Day 14 – A film that you used to love but now hate
Day 15 – Favourite film sequel
Day 16 – Favourite film character
Day 17 – Favourite film quote
Day 18 – The best overall cast in a film
Day 19 – The most hilarious film you’ve seen
Day 20 – A moving (emotional) scene
Day 21 – Favourite film from your favourite actor/actress
Day 22 – Favourite Academy Award acceptance speech
Day 23 – A character who you can relate to the most
Day 24 – The best page-to-screen film adaptation
Day 25 – Favourite film villain
Day 26 – Favourite film poster
Day 27 – A film that you wish you had seen in theaters
Day 28 – Favourite film from your favourite director
Day 29 – A piece of trivia from a favourite film

Day 30 – Your favourite film of all-time?


If you are interested, I have made some icons of some period films (Northanger Abbey, North and South and Much Ado about Nothing) and also some icons from Top Gear – the episodes where the Stig catches a train across London and where they sail some cars across the English Channel. You can find them at my other livejournal over here.

Mindless icons post

If you are interested.

I have discovered that making icons is fun, and I have another LJ to put them on so they don’t clog up your friends page. It is here if you’d like to see it. I have just put up some new icons of some musicals (Singing in the Rain, HSM3 and Calamity Jane).


We are watching the end of Hot Fuzz at the moment. Oh my goodness it is a cool movie.