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Hometown and other things

Well the plan for hometown throwdown involved a car of 7 enthusiastic young adults, and other people at the destination… like Lauren. But then stuff got in the way, like work, and wisdom teeth and people deciding to go to Hong Kong. As a result, our car load dwindled to three. Sarah, Brad and I made the trek to Panania, with only one navigational stuff-up on my part.

Our trial did not end there. Upon reaching the fence, we were stopped by guys from Winter’s Underground, who wanted to sell us their cheap tickets. So that was more unnessecary brain using as we tried to work out how to get correct change.

But in the end it wasn’t that bad. Sarah knew people working the BBQ, and Katherine and other Lauren from Narwee Baptist were there. And so was my brother’s friend, and some kids from my church, and random people that were at stump, like crazy Tommy. The music was cool, Sounds Like Chicken were mad, but I wouldn’t stalk them – the trombone man is too scary, and they live in Melbourne. On the plus side, they had a song about Pirates. Sarah and I did the Octopus Dance on a massive scale while we were waiting for Crying Out Loud to set up, and the night finished with them not being able to play extra songs. How lame. Their concerts have shrunk in length 😦 But their coolness has not shrunk at all 😀

And then we drove all the way back to Brad’s McDonalds and went through the drive through to order a paper bag and a napkin to wrap his present in.

Moving on…

Tonight was IMP night… last one ever. Us year 12 orchestra kids got to play a piece we’d only played once before, which was very exciting. Me and Sarah and Nadia went to the back of the hall to dance away the Stage Band’s last two pieces and were joined my a hoard of year 7s, 8s and 9s. I didn’t help pack up, cause there were too many random people to say goodbye to. It sort of worries me that I’ll never get to play music with other people ever again, unless I sacrifice my dignity and join some random community band – a path I have absolutely no desire to follow. So, I guess that’s it, and now my flute will just stay under my bed and gather dust for a few months. And then I’ll pick it up again later on, and search for screwdrivers so I can put my wandering screws back, and make a noise that sounds like wind, and then it’ll go back under the bed for awhile. And to think that at one stage, I would practice for an hour every afternoon, because I believed it was of utter importance that I passed grade 5 flute.

Edit, 20 minutes on


Well, we played in the McDonald’s Perfomring Art Challange’s Orchestra competition. And we won. We won $1000. We beat all the Private and/or NorthShore schools (in reference to North Sydney Girls). Ha! Public Education? It’s time to give it more. Go us.

A present for Tiffany

Epilepsy Light

Our flourescent bathroom light had kicked the bucket. After flickering for 3 days, it finally shut down. We have been left to shower and be clean in a room lit by a small light in the corner, whose only purpose up to now has been to reveal the interior of the linen press.

I had so much to say before, but suddenly I feel like nothing has happened. Actually, this is good. Last night, I stayed awake trying to think of things to write here. I thought of so much. And then I told myself to stop, because I will not let this take over my thought patterns and start thinking in LiveJournal anecdote style. Phew.

Our McDonalds performing arts final was good. I don’t care whether we played good or bad. But I am happy for our conductor, Chris. After everything he’s put up with all year, people dropping out because he’s not as cool as Phil, and people back chatting in rehersals, and people not showing up to performances – I hope he feels good about getting us from sincerely crap to finals standard. The best part about it was that he didn’t push us at all. Last rehersal, we watched a Bugs Bunny cartoon, where Bugs was conducting one of the pieces we were playing. And when Chris got up on stage, he made us stand up with him, and then tapped his baton in a very Bugs Bunny like manner. His conducting was hilarious, I almost started laughing while I was playing.

It would be nice if we got a prize, but the I don’t think I care, we played so much better than normal, and even though I had to miss drama night for it, it was good.

Saturday is tomorrow.

A Very exciting morning, and it’s only 9:20.

John did his “Too many flutes” thing and told us to reorganise so there were only two of us playing the Mozart and the Jupiter. Sarah and I jumped in really quickly and got the Mozart. I sort of feel bad for stealing it off the others, but they got to play the other Mozart last year. And Dvorak. So, it all balances out. So I get to play with Sarah and we get to play lovely music. Hooray!

I really realy want to go somewhere and listen to lous music. Damn Library.
I can’t find my L’Arc~en~ciel CD. *bursts into tears*
I can’t wait til August 21.
I can’t wait til September 30.

I want to dance and sing forever, because I am happy.

Oh dear

Well it’s been pretty foul recently. I’ve been extremely moody and easily pissed off at things. Friday was so incredibly confusion in everyway. So much up and down. I think too much up and down. Too much down. I couldn’t help crying at leader’s meeting, fortunately I stopped before the guys got there, and I was not noticed – at least I think so.

I guess maybe the Muse could have cured it, but I had to go to IMP. I am absolutely over the IMP now. They played our Brandenburg. Ken and I were playing it really quietly at the back. I was mourning, but Ken was just mucking around, or at least I think so.

We played most dreadfully and I was very embarrassed and I’ve never felt so terrible after an IMP concert before.

Today was also depressing. My girls were playing the top team in the comp and they were winning for three quarters. And then Georgia Stewart twisted her ankle. The scorer was a 7 year old and missed one of our goals. They didn’t tell my girls about extra time, and started it when they were halfway through pulling their bibs off. We lost by two.
My team lost too. And, likewise, we were incredibly close to winning. But, no.

Mum’s running her trivia night tonight. And guess what that means – YES! BABYSITTING! This is not the crappest time I’ve had babysitting, but it’s come close. We’ve only had three major tiffs so far, and Georgia’s only threatened to leave home. At least she hasn’t actually left the house. I haven’t seen Philip smile all evening, except for when he’s been laughing at Georgia in order to make her angry.

He put the rubbish out and came back inside saying “There’s a man in our driveway”. Georgia was beside herself. She’s been heaps paranoid of every thing and everyone since Hannah Richter died (she was the Burwood Girls girl who was abducted and killed by her crazy relative). So it took awhile to get the house normal. It actually still isn’t, but I’ve given up.

It’s so awful that we only act normal when there’s an adult around. As soon as mum leaves the house, we turn into animals. No one – myself included – can see past their own needs and wants and ideas. Georgia starts yelling if Philip puts on music and dances. Philip starts yelling if Georgia won’t let him watch football. Georgia yells at me when I go on the computer and don’t talk to her. I yell at everyone for destroying my quiet.

I always end up like a Nazi – ordering them around in an attempt to restore some sort of order. Why is it that I can relate to every single sort of young person except my siblings? Once I’m in charge of them, I lose any love or care I normally have for people and treat them like really stupid animals, speaking simply and loudly and getting angry very very quickly.

I have my last sunday work tomorrow. I would feel happy, but I feel like an empty hole. I need Clare to plant me a grey orchid.

You may be the finest apple – but not everyone likes apples…

Well three cheers for my last performance at Town Hall. Which was crap indeed, being as it was a performance of many out of tune and wrong notes. Alas.

Speech day this year was actually enjoyable. 5:00am start. Riding a bus in the twilight, except it was morning twilight. Yeah, watching the sun rise from a bus window is hopefully not something I will experiemce very often. And carrying a timpani by myself – Stong woman!! – and OH OH the year 12 green room. This deserves a paragraph for itself:

Since year 9, the first year I was performing for Speech Day, we have craved the shelter of the Year 12 room, the private, lounge-chaired, televisioned room, apart from the noise of the larger dressing room. And finally, after the many years of waiting, we could call it our own. It was wonderful.

The actual speech day part went faster than normal. Making paper cranes helped pass the time. The speeches were nothing special, except for some drivel about apples and bananas at the end of the guest speaker’s speech. What was she talking about?

The best part was undoubtedly after I got my prize. I didn’t really go back on stage right away, preferring to sit in the year 12 room and talk to Chris and Nadia, some year 10’s and the new conductors (who are very nice, although not as good as Phil). We danced to the stage band music. It was so nice down there, until J.O. came and chased us back on stage.

After speech day was tres fun. I had lunch with Chris, Jon, Ken and Flynn, because some stupid people decided not to wait around for us while we packed up. And then we saw a movie, One Perfect Day, or something like that.

Apologies to the Muse crew, the movie was an essential speech day thing to do. I still love you dearly and will attempt to make amends by bringing photos next week.

Yes. The movie was Australian, but it wasn’t too bad. The plot left something to be desired, but the filming and music was great, in my humble opinion. Flynn’s not so humble opinion was obvious as soon as it finished. It was a load of crap. But then, this is what he says about every movie.

We had ice cream and ran into Camille, Masha and Renata. Hooray for a joyous day. Whoo!