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5 Favourite Films Set In (American) High Schools

A number of factors have converged to make this season of life particularly amenable to watching silly movies set in American high schools. I’in between jobs with lots of free time; I’ve been reunited with old friends who I used to watch these movies with; it’s been ten years since I finished high school myself and I’m feeling nostalgic.

When it comes to movies set in American high schools it’s usually hard to tell one from another. They all have almost the exact same story line, the exact same characters, the exact same jokes – sometimes it even feels like they are filmed on the same sets. But there are a handful I really love watching in spite of myself.

Here they are: my top 5 films set in (American) high schools.

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On Sunday Jen gave me a big bag full of tea, crockery and other lovely things from my wonderful friends. One of the boxes of tea was a herbal collection from T2 – teas with names like “Refresh”, “Relax” and “Sleepy Time”.

As I opened it I turned to Jen excitedly:
“I’ve been meaning to buy these teas for ages and never got around to it! One of the girls at work says they are great!”
“Hah!” she replied. “I got them because you always sound so stressed on your Livejournal!”

Sorry friends…!

Signs of the times

I have been wanting to post here for awhile but the only things that have been piqued my interest have been thoughts I don’t want to share with the wider world and thoughts about the weather. Generally weather is a boring topic. Then I remembered that a stack of Livejournal-reading friends seem to be obessed with the weather!

Things are getting colder but it’s not just the temperature that has alerted me to the end of summer. Here are some signs of the times:

– Daylight savings is over and the sun is setting on the way home from work.
– Daylight savings is over and now I won’t be able to see the colours in my church’s stained glass windows until next summer.
– Our lemon tree (and everyone else’s) is bearing fruit.
– Forgetting my cardigan and scarf on my way to work is now a tragedy of epic proportions.
– It’s netball season.
– Apples are at their cheapest.
– I’m considering unpacking the heater and we have our doona on our bed again.
– I’ve made my first chocolate self-saucing pudding of the year.
– The first Easter Show patrons caught the train to Lidcombe with me this morning.
– Harris Park locals are harvesting olives from the trees on the nature strips.
– I find myself subconciously searching for nice foliage to decorate easter eggs with.
– All my teacher friends are on ‘holidays’.

And what do all these things mean? It’s autumn, of course! It’s time to read Persuasion again, of course!

Olives ripe for harvest on a Harris Park nature strip.
On my lunch breaks, I sometimes catch residents out on ladders, beating olives out of the trees and catching them on outstretched bedsheets. I wish suburban farming wasn’t so novel!

Life win (Life update)

I know I will be kicking myself in the shins for saying this later on but I am finding that college is pretty fun. The content is pretty stimulating and I am actually looking forward to learning. I even find myself looking forward to doing the readings (apart from on days like today when I spent the entire day at work reading and writing for a literature review -__-).

Of course, I must acknowledge that I am saying this knowing that:
– I haven’t yet prepared or submitted any assessments
– I haven’t yet sat any exams

Those things could make even my one-subject-load pretty miserable!

But there are other life wins too:
– About to start netball (Fitness!)
– I have a new regular GP (Proper diagnoses!)
– Organising a few catch ups with various old friends (Still connected!)
– Going to Forbes and West Wyalong this weekend (Country!)
– A bunch of friends about to get married (Weddings!)
– A bunch of friends about to have babies (Babies!)
– The discovery that regular and orthodox easters are on the same weekend this year (Family fun!)
– Running a survey pilot at church this weekend for the NCLS team (Data collection!)

Ah. Feeling relaxed, feeling thankful.

First Time Ministry Widow

Matt has been away for the last week on the National Training Event (NTE) – a massive conference where all the different Christian student groups from around the country get together to train for ministry and then go out and volunteer with local churches. I have had my fair share of NTE’s in the past (digging up this old LJ entry and this one too has made me all happy and nostaligic!) but this is the first time that Matt has left me to go for this long! He is away for 9 nights!

There is only one adjective for describing this week: Weird. It hasn’t really been sad. But it also hasn’t really been happy. It’s just been weird! Weird and unexpectedly tiring. I can’t work out exactly why, but I think it’s a combination of at least some of the following things:
– I am taking advantage of this lonely time to try and catch up with people who I haven’t seen for awhile.
– I didn’t realise how much housework Matt does, and it’s been tiring to do all his work as well as the work I normally do.
– I have to do things like run our fellowship group and pray for and support our group by myself while he’s away.
– I haven’t really been sleeping that well.
– I have had busy work days and worked a little bit overtime.

More writing about my week under the cut. And photos.