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The Lord’s Supper

The Eucharist is a mysterious thing, and even more so when it’s late on a Saturday night and your husband mentions that the person who brings the bread for the Lord’s Supper is away on summer holidays and you offer to go to the corner store to buy some for tomorrow while he prints off his sermon.

And then suddenly you are out in the darkness among the revellers of Newtown and you are scouring the shelves of the convenience store for the bread and you head back home and its going on midnight. You cross the road with noisy people heading home after a night of partying and you walk down the quiet laneways, swinging the bag of bread irreverently and catching yourself in the act.

“This is my body, which is for you; do this in remembrance of me.”

Can you swing the body of Jesus in a plastic bag? Can you swing the bread that is going to be the body of Jesus in a plastic bag?

And you lift up the bag to eye level and stare at the thing and wonder. What really goes on when this preservative filled loaf is consecrated? What is a sacrament? How does this ordinary loaf become a holy thing?

Tomorrow my brothers and sisters will eat his body in rememberance that Christ died for us; they will feed on Him in their hearts, by faith, with thanksgiving. I guess that is the best answer I can come up with right now.


This weekend:

Thanks to my boss for a generous half-day off this weekend started on Friday. It’s been a wonderfully relaxing weekend, filled with just the right blend of alone/people time, indoors/outdoors time and productive/lazy time:

Sitting on the floor of Saz’s living room rocking her beautiful daughter to sleep after her first fever.
Meandering about the backstreets of Newtown and eating gelato with Matt.
Trying out new recipes, relearning to knit, catching up on Arrested Development and dancing to Relient K with Fiona.
Impromptu trip to the Eveleigh markets with the Dunks.
Book club with the book-clubbing crew complete with delicious lunch, new insights into J.D. Salinger and Luci and Dave skyping in from their new home in Texas.
Following up high brow conversations about J.D. Salinger with sneaky readings of Jane Austen fan fiction when I get home a couple of hours later.
Cleaning up the garden in anticipation of spring.
Unpacking our fruit and veg box and cooking zucchini yemistes for dinner.
Two bottles of cider.
All Sunday morning to myself to clean, chill and dance around the house to my favourite songs.

Now to see how the rest of Sunday pans out. I am looking forward to next week after such a lovely weekend!


With one week left of semester to go I’m ready to have a rest. The holiday will have to wait though. The undergrad students are leaving campus but there is still plenty of work to do. I’m not taking any time off until July!

In the meantime I’ve been trying to work out what helps me to rest when I come home exhausted and stressed. To my surprise one of the really relaxing things has been tending to my garden! With such a short commute, I’ve been able to leave and come home while it is still light. Just a quarter of an hour of pruning, watering, weeding and transplanting has been a valuable time for unwinding after hard days. I’m so thankful for the garden we have in this home!

 photo d67df286-d4a9-4bb2-9ac0-197dcaa9f98f_zps5eeecf3b.jpg

It’s just small but we have a huge range of things growing!

Ninety Nine

We’ve been living in Newtown for nearly three weeks now and it’s starting to feel like home.

There are so many nice things about living here. I love that we have a garden, which I’m hoping to get in order before the end of the summer. I love that our hot water works all the time. I love that the kitchen is big enough to fit multiple people at once. I love that I can walk to work. I love the smell of Thai food wafting over our fence every afternoon.

 photo Untitled-11_zps2bbd888d.jpgWaving at my front door. Carms took this one after visiting me last weekend

Even more than all those things I love that we live near so many wonderful friends. So many people are living near by to be close to their studies or to have a little taste of the Newtown lifestyle. Saz is living around the corner and my first ever college friend, Caz (yes, that is a funny coincidence that their nicknames rhyme) is living next door to her. Richard and Ali live a few blocks away; Luci and Dave live in the next suburb (very close to Celia and James). Yi and Brice, Jamie and Steph, Caitlin and her fun-time housemates are in the other next suburb. The Moore College single men’s and women’s residences, just a hundred metres away, are filled with tonnes of old friends from uni days and new friends from college. Matt regularly brings friends back after class to study and chill. It’s almost impossible to go the day without spontaneously visiting someone or receiving a surprise visit. It’s not awesome for efficiency, but it’s pretty wonderful for community.

I think I’m really going to like living here!

Pictures of Ninety Nine under the cut