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Suddenly –

We were huddled around a computer, watching a live feed of President Obama speaking from the White House, completely entranced.

I’m not sure what everyone else was thinking but all I could think about was the girl my family knew who stayed back in New York for a breakfast at the top of the towers instead of taking her flight back to London. Not revenge thoughts or anything like that, just wondering how her family would be feeling, hearing today’s news about Osama.

When the speech was over my colleagues and I spun around on our chairs and rolled back to our desks, agreeing on three things:

– Obama’s speech was very eloquent and measured. We are so glad that that it wasn’t George Bush making the speech!
– It would suck incredibly to be the president of Pakistan right now.
– How bizarre is the state of the world that four highly educated researchers in Australia can sit, pinned to a computer, hanging on to every word spken by a foreign president?

Cest la vie, I guess, and back to work now.