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Gotta keep quiet quiet don’t let it all come undone

The uni semester is back on again as of tomorrow, and my holidays were so full I didn’t even get to say what happened. Here is post #1:

Yesterday I was was fortunate enough to work from 9 to 5 on a big lotto day and the Harry Potter release day. It was as busy as Christmas time. The perk though was that I got to open an embargoed box of Harry Potter books to put on the shelf. Hehehe. And I though of you, Jen (if you are reading this)! And I read the last three chapters to find out what happened because I don’t care enough about Harry to read the rest of it.

About two weeks ago my family went on a short holiday to the snow, for the first time since I was 6. Australian snow really is disappointing, in that there isn’t very much of it. But it was still fun to learn how to ski and hang out with my family. It was our last holiday before I get married.

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And I was like “What’s up dude?”

And he was like “Uh, I found your comb”
And I was like “Shut up!”
And he was like “Yeah and stuff”
And I was like “Rock on!”

First week back at uni has been tainted by being sick. It’s a very interesting kind of sick, on account of it involves losing my voice, which has been really exciting, although tiring. I’ve taken my first ever sick night for youth group and I feel a little lost wandering around the house on a Friday night.

Work today was interesting, especially not having a voice. The other people at work were sympathetic enough to pat me on the back and wish me good health, but they relegated me to the counter regardless and by 11 o clock I could barely speak at all. It was a pain, cause tomorrow is another one of those big lottos and all the people who have never played lotto before showed up and asked me how to play. It’s hard enough to explain when you can make noises with your vocal chords, so I found it very challenging using whispers and hand gestures. One of the ladies I served commented on my lost voice – she’d just gotten over something similar herself.
“Don’t worry,” she said. “It’ll get better soon. Anyway, husky voices are sexy.”
I refrained from voicing my thoughts (not just because I was physically unable) – sexy is probably the last word I would use to describe a feeling akin to steak knives slicing open my windpipe.

So, uni is back and there is lots to read and lots of work to do. There is an annoying field trip for Envrionmental Geography over most of mid semester break that costs money and takes time. Cultural Geography talks about conceptual maps and it sounds like last year’s sociology. Social Policy is 3 hours long and I am taking a picnic lunch in next week. I had my first ever Greek class without Matt. It was boring and I found it very hard to concentrate, although that may have been because Vras was revising the alphabet and cases for new people in the class. Oh dear.

I’m updating from uni cause I stayed back to do some study and I missed my bus, and there is no way I am waiting for half an hour on paramatta rd tonight.

Today has been a day of not much happening. But the rain has been good, just steady rain all day. All morning the customers came in covered in rain. Some of our stock was wrecked by the rain. But that is ok, because the rain is wonderful. There is a small puddle in my shoe, but not as bad as last week.

Some of today’s adventures included:
– lugging our Herald returns down Norton st in the rain
– stocking confectionery
– queueing for 20 mins in the post office to get paid
– no one being around this afternoon when I got to uni, due to there being no equip this week
– Amelia and I both wearing our Fort Street jerseys to our Geography lecture (hers is from 2002)
– sneezing in class because I was wet and cold
– getting a credit on my supermarket essay, which means that pretty much my marks have plummeted since last year 😦
– spending extended periods of time sitting on the floor in Fisher
– leaving my property unattended in the library despite the warning sticker on the desk and finding it still there when I got back.
– finding a bobby pin in my coat pocket and using it to keep my hair out of my face
– pretty much destroying my nails over the past two hours. They are really sore now.
– a gust of wind causing chocolate dust from my hot chocolate to be blown into my face

Ok. That’s definately enough procrastination. I am going to leave now before I miss the next bus.

Did you leave your wallet in my car?

This morning was possibly the slowest morning at work I have ever been through. At 11o’clock, Reyad and I looked at our watches and moaned because we had only been in the shop for an hour and a half and t i m e w a s p a s s i n g s o s l o w l y .
But then the morning was ok, we worked out wonderful ways to make the time pass. We consumed, between us, 400g of blackcurrant liquorice and 1.2L of coke, we had swordfights with socceroos flags, we discussed the spread of the Islamic empire and its impact on the Egyptian coptic church, and we had a race to fill out the returns forms.
I like working Sunday. I can sit down when my legs get tired and the customers are friendlier and I don’t have to label 50 billion magazines. I am so not looking forward to work tomorrow. I am the only person rostered on for the first hour.

My work week is over, except for the sunday shift. Yay! Now I just sit back and wait to be paid. The week has turned out ok. I have all my group certificates now, all I am waiting for is my investment details and I can do my tax.

I had very good + cheap pad thai with Paul yesterday. I spent 2 and a half hours waiting for him in Central station, cause he arived at blacktown station just as the bomb scare thing happened. But it was ok, I got lots of reading done. I have read three Narnia books in three days, and it’s been lovely.

Today I read the first of the new Harry Potter. I feel good, because all over the world, it is sitting in sealed boxes that say DO NOT OPEN UNTIL 9:01am Sat 16 July. But I have read one, because the insane man at work opened the boxes up anyway. I scrawled “Hey, hope you are enjoying the book” on a scrap of paper and stuck it inside the copy I was reading. Hopefully some little naive kid will get that book and think that JK Rowling wrote it, or something.

And tonight, random driving to the oil refineries in Kurnell with Saz. And driving backwards and forwards along busy to-the-shire roads. Good times.

I am going to sleep/reading narnia books.

WHOOO! I got 77 in sociology! Which is just scraping into a distinction. I win. Well, I win until the other results come out, but I know that all those ones will be fine.

So far this week, I have merely been working, which has been heaps boring and also slightly stressful. I can feel my body start to fall apart, I have a bad headache and ulcers in my mouth and stuff, but that is just as much from not sleeping and staring at the computer as it is from working. Ah well. I will have a phat paycheck at the end.

And on other monetary matters, I got another group certificate, from the fruit shop. I didn’t realise that I was employed by them this financial year. What with the tax I get back from them, and the 12c tax I get back from my one shift at the cafeteria at uni, I can get a whole 20c back from the government. Grr. I want my tax stuff from the newsagency.

In other news, the great migration south of chapel people is just about over. Cam, Candace, Simon and Dave have all come and gone. Debs is still here but I don’t think I will get to see her before she goes home. It’s sort of weird now, I spent so much time looking forward to everyone visiting, now it’s just blank. There is nothing to be excited about now apart from Ancon, which kicks off next week. Actually, I am heaps pumped about Ancon, what am I talking about? But even though Ancon will be wonderful, this last week especially was so good. Living at Saz’s house, bus rides to Engadine, random bible studies, praying for each other, making t shirts, making pancakes, making biscuits, overdosing on british comedy, COL roadtrips.
Thanks heaps for all of it guys, but even more I am thanking God for giving me such a great group of friends who challenge me to grow and love me. You are brilliant.

What a way for my week to unfold.

I woke up this morning, and I realised that I have a damn awful amount of work to do before uni starts again on monday, and I had about 8 hours to get it all done. And when I say 8 hours, I don’t mean a block of time 8 hours long, I mean all the time left over is about 8 hours. Despite this, I’ve continuted to keep time booked up. I’ll be fine, I guess, I’ll steal notes off Ken or someone and stidy frantically in my lunch break before the test.

I had work today from 11-6. Twas cool, I worked with Kingsley for the first time since training day. We were visited by Igor (who didn;t have much to say to me), and later on, Greg (who I yelled at to make him come inside the shop).

This evening, the Wishful Thinking gig. Pffft, what an evening. Sarah couldn’t actually go, and at that point I realised that everyone I was planning to go with had bailed on me or was undefinate about whether they were going. I was going with maybeJon and maybeAlix. And Mark, who doesn’t count (and didn’t count) cause he always has a billion of his adult friends to talk to. But all turned out well – at the last minute, I somehow managed to convince a fellow Crying Out Loud fan (Wilmo) to emerge from the shire and come to the gig.

What a bizarre night. I was hanging around at Central waiting for Wilmo, and this guy came up and started talking to me. He was from Sierra Leone, he lives in Canterbury, he is 27. He wanted to be my friend, so we chatted for awhile, but when he suggested meeting up again I put my foot down. Then he told me that Christian people are supposed to be loving and kind, so why wasn’t I kind to him. And all the while I waited nervously for Wilmo to appear… 😐 He was late 😐 But it’s OK, he turned up before anything uncomfortable happened.

At Annandale, well, Jon was there, but Alix wasn’t. So it was a great time, showing up at a gig with a guy and then hanging out with my exboyfriend. Whooo… Stupid stupid. Jon acted weird, but then it’s his fault for making assumptions, I guess.
Ah well, the gig was fun, Wilmo helped me out with youth group stuff, so that’s something less to stress about.

I am stupid and need to learn time management