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Alright. This is a filtered post for just us chapel people.

We can all gather that lots of stuff is going on in everyone’s lives that is dragging us both further from God and further from each other. And I think what makes it worse is that a lot of us feel helpless because we can’t solve each other’s problems.

BUT we can still pray for each other, and it is definately the best thing to do before we even begin to try and help each other on our own. It’d be cool if you could leave prayer points as comments in this entry, and keep checking to see what other people have left, and keep praying for each other.

It’s hard cause we all live so far apart, but God has brought us together for a reason. We are a church, we are brothers and sisters, and we should be praying for each other constantly.

I’ve had my own issues to sort out, but it’s sort of coming together. I’m coming back and listening to you guys again, and I realised that I’ve totally abandoned you because I’ve been so wraped up in my own needs. I’m really sorry, I’m not going to let my emotions get in the way of being there for you guys again.

Anyway, yes, prayer is good! Share things you need prayer for. It’s good for you 😛


They didn’t have the SMILE CD/DVD in Chinatown. So that’s one looking forward to do thing that will not be achieved.

But then, the list of praising God things increases. It makes me sad when people underestimate the power of prayer, but look – a whole nation praying for rain and the next day, down it comes. Good work God. Please keep it coming, and keep it coming over the dams and the farms. 🙂

See You At The Pole!

Hold me…
Light a candle in the window pane tonight
Stop me…
Running from the things that could save my life

Well this morning was our second See You At The Pole (SYATP is an opportunity for Christian high school groups to all gather in their schools – at the flagpole – and pray together). It was brilliant! There were 14 people (twice as many as last year), including people who don’t always come to Stive. It’s was really really cold, but in honesty, I didn’t care! From 7:30, we prayed, and we sang, and we prayed again, and we read a psalm, and we prayed, and we talked, and we read some of the letters and we prayed, and suddenly the bell rang and we had to go to class. I’ve never had a more fantastic morning.