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Down Memory Lane: Tasmania

Our wonderful friend Angus is taking us to Tasmania! Well, actually it’s probably more accurate to say that Angus has brilliantly coordinated a winter holiday for us. His girlfriend is going overseas for a few weeks with some friends and we are going with him to Hobart for a week to housesit for one of them. And he scouted out some really cheap plan tickets as well! A holiday to Tasmania where all we have to pay for is discounted flights and our meals is pretty awesome! Thanks Angus!

We are going in a few weeks and in the meantime I am reminiscing about my previous trips to Tasmania. I have been twice before. When I was 4 or 5 my family went to Hobart and then when I was 16 my school band toured the north and west coast of the island. My memories from my first trip are extremely surreal. At that age I have very distinct memories but no narrative to place them in. I don’t know what order things happened in or whether there was any specific reason for us to be there in the first place. Some of mye vivid but unplaceable memories of Hobart include:

Memories and stories under the cut…



Tonight I went back to class after two weeks of absence and two weeks of break. Somewhere in there I had missed the wrapping up of our Islam component and tonight we moved on to Buddhism.

I have a funny past with Buddhism. I have identified as a Christian in some way or another for as long as I have had memory, but there was a little moment in there, when I was in my mid teens, when I thought that it would be fair to give another religion a geniune look-in. It wasn’t just a random decision. For quite a few years I had been stretching my mind a little bit, trying to come to my own ideas about who God is and what humans are and why the world is the way that it is. I’d read Sophie’s World by Jostein Gaarder and was empowered to think my own thoughts. Saz, Aviea, Elwin and I met together for our “Pancake Philosophy” times, when we would make pancakes and share our own musings about knowledge and spirituality. Of course, usually that just happened without the pancakes. In my Asian Studies subject in year 9 and 10 I was exposed to new Eastern philosophies and spirituality. There were excursions – to the Chinese Gardens, to a Buddhist art exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW, to the Nan Tien Temple outside Wollongong. And in the middle of that, a short exchange trip to Japan. Through all of that Buddhism was the most appealing alternate way of thinking so I checked it out – seriously.

A Big Buddha we visited in Japan, somewhere outside of Tokyo

I didn’t hang around there for very long though. Buddhism teaches an amazing view of the world. There is incredibly complex logic that doesn’t make sense at first but becomes fascinatingly clear as you learn to adjust your thinking. However even when the clarity came, the worldview remained chillingly cold. There was no motivation for love. From my perspective, there was no motivation for anything at all. It was beautiful to look at but way too awful for me to actually incorporate into my life.

Baby Buddha, tucked away at the back of the Chinese Gardens in Sydney.
One of our Pancake Philosophy times happened sitting around this guy. I visit him whenever I go to the gardens 🙂

Tonight was a funny throwback to that period of my life. It was weird to revisit Buddha as an adult, now that I am much better at excercising my brain and appreciating different worldviews (thanks uni!) and also fully convinced of how much Jesus loves me (thanks uni!). Interestingly, I found Buddhism both more beautiful and more repellent than I did all those years ago. It’s funny how things go like that.


There was a family of little girls behind me in the checkout line this week. They were all pretty young and boisterous, jumping up onto the railings and prodding at my groceries while their mum tried to keep them in order. Only one was school aged. She stood staring up at me, decked out in her sports uniform. She was a Wallaby!

Oh, my heartstrings! She was wearing the same uniform I used to wear when I was in primary school!

My friend Wendy (year 1) and myself (Kindergarten) in sports uniform.
Wendy was in the Koala house but I was a proud member of the Wallabies.
We usually lost most sporting events…

I love living in Hurlstone Park and doing my day to day business in Ashfield because I love the connections I have with all the people and places I see. But I know that we won’t be able to live here forever. I wonder how I will cope when we have to move to a new place?

Nostalgia’s sake

So Mystery just had her recent high school nostaglia moment on LJ and then Steson went and asked for a picture of deer. Here are some more Japanese pictures to stir up the memories. And if you didn’t go to high school with me and you have never been to Japan (probably about 95% of people reading this), you can flick through and remember the days when our cameras could only take 24 pictures before we needed to change the film.

This way for many old pictures

Ok, I don’t know what the time and date are as this is being posted, but currently it is 12:53, Sunday morning, and I am writing on WORD, not Livejournal, because my computer(s) belong in trash heaps. Our monitor suddenly collapsed in the middle of my interneting tonight, and my lap top won’t connect to the internet, because it is slow and stupid and about to be disowned. As I opened up Word, I couldn’t get a blank page – for some reason, it thinks that a blank page is a landscapely oriented page full of my mothers notes on the year three special attention reading students that she teaches. And seeing as this computer loads things at the speed of dark, it took me another two minutes to delete the text and turn the page the right way.

Man. I am going to disembowel this machine.

The original post will now follow:

Well, I guess I should start with HSC results, because it seems like the trend, and otherwise I will forget:


I am so tired.
Today comprised of poorly written essays, my adventure into the bottle shop and celebratory drinks, dinner with my cousins, and toothpicks with Greek flags, surrounded by all the fantastic guys from church.
I am so tired.
There is so much catching up to do on Livejournal and CC and fort street forum. And I am so tired. But so relieved and happy.

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