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Holiday post #2

The last week and a bit of my holidays was spent away at a short camp for the current STIVE leaders (the christian group at Fort Street) and ANCON (the annual conference of the EU).

STIVE Camp was really really good. Cheers Dan and Ken for the massive amount of organisation. The kids were so encouraging – they have such a huge love for God and so much vision!

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ANCON was focussed on the resurrection and it was also really really good. I was leading a review group this year, which was very challenging. In some ways, I think I learnt more from that experience than from listening to the talks!

Anyway, Christ is risen!

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He is risen indeed!


I liked today, because it had DYNAMICS.

4 new people learnt how to play 500 (a game infinately better than hearts). I played cards instead of attend Geography. It was a very lazy day.

Last Stive. I waffled a bit when I got to talk, but, meh, too late to complain now. There were over 40 kids there, Michael and Andrew and Anna are going to have heaps of fun looking after all of them :S. We gave everyone New Testaments and we ate food and now I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do without fellowship with those guys. I really can’t wait to get into ministry at uni.

^ Some of the year 12s, who will never be in stive again *sheds a tear*

Perhaps you might have picked up on my enthusiasm about seeing Crying Out Loud. Alas, it fell through. Mum told me this mornign that maybe I shouldn’t go, so I formulated a brilliant plan to get home from the cafe early and help with housework, and then ask her if I could go. All this before 5:30, when I had to call Brad to confirm whether or not I could make it. It all ran smoothly until the bus from Summer Hill came late and then went at the speed of dark, so I got home with about 3 minutes to convince my mum to let me go. Argh, but as soon as I got in the house it was obvious I wan’t going anywhere. Mum had a black eye because she had got hit in the face with the car door, and the was almost in tears because she had stuffed up a cake she was making. And she was angry at me for being late home… :S

What followed was 4 hours of cooking and cleaning for tomorrow. Woohoo. The weird thing was, I enjoyed it. There’s something satisying about cleaning – only if you’ve got music playing, of course. But now I am tired. Pffftttt.

Today was quite fulfilling in a few aspects. I only attended one and a half classes, because we held a cake stall to raise money for the families affected by the Russian hostage thing, and I weasled my way into helping out. Arranging cakes is much better than maths and pricing cakes is better than English, and eating cake is certainly better than half of Modern History.

We had our last discussion group. I’m assuming it’s our last, cause we are having our last STIVE on Friday. I didn’t realise it was the last until I was talking with my friend on the way home. It’s enough to make me very sad normally, but it’s hard to be sad about something so fantastic. To finish up with school means finishing up with our ministry there, aiyi, but looking back on everything God’s done while we’ve been there is fantastic. The knowledge that he’s going to keep working when we go is great. The year 10s have amazing plans for everything, the younger kids are so enthusiastic. 😀 It’s been excellent, and it’s going to continue excellently.

I got my Ls, finally, so that is done and out of the way. Whooo!

Thankyou for everyone who said hi to Ste (post_humourous).

Bollywood tomorrow.
Crying Out Loud Friday.
Party Saturday.
14 Days ’til Blackstump!!

By the way, if you are reading, Flynn, referrences to God are not an invitation for you to post links to Christian fundamentalist/spoof webpages.

Mummy, I don’t like kidney beans, they make it taste powdery!

I love Finding Nemo. Mr Strauss was showing to a year 8 class next door to our Geography class and we could hear it through the walls as Ms Ireland was trying to dictate. My notes don’t make any sense because I wasn’t listening to half of it. She let us out early and we snuck into the other class and watched about 40 seconds of it before the bell went.

Kate Goudie was at school. I hadn’t seen her since year 9. She came to geo and to STIVE. It was weird cause I was doing the talk, I was teaching the person who taught me. That has never happened before. And do you know what’s wonderful?
At the end when we were talking, she didn’t just say: “Good job”. She said: “That was great! You said something I’d never thought of before. It really got me thinking.”
But something is frustrating. I can spend some timn with God, and within half an hour churn out a very relevant 10 minute talk with hardly any research and keep an audience listening AND learning. Yet it takes me a few weeks to read enough on Frontline, and days to write a speech, and I’ll tell you now, no one will listen.
Why can’t God help me with my English homework?

Our end of season netball party was this afternoon. All the chilluns assembled at Narelle’s and we ate lots of food, and I acted like a true 12 year old. A pseudo true 12 year old. There was lots of running around and telling jokes and being noisy. And when that got too much, I talked to the mothers and answered questions about school and what I want to do next year. Children are so much more interesting than adults.

They gave me a beautiful card, and they all want me to come back next year. So do I. I will be very angry if the uni timetable doesn’t work. I gave them certificates that McDonalds donated (*rolls eyes*), and said a speech for each one. They replied with a poem that they wrote for me. I think that they made it up on the spot.

There once was a girl called Ally
Whose MSN name was Spally
She was the best coach
And wasn’t afraid of a roach
That wonderful girl called Ally

Should I stay up for the opening ceremony?

For anyone not yet there, go join the hscstudents community.

Victory for my little team (and my big team). We both beat Petersham by large amounts. And there was much rejoicing!

With James Fong… There was a little too much video watching, but it was still good to meet with everyone. And eat. And meet Rob, who is very cool.

This morning was pretty drawn out. I was helping Philip with his two month overdue Geography assignment that mum is spitting chips over. He is such a pain at times, he’d just sit there and stare at the page without doing anything. It was very boring. The rest of the day has been a half hearted attempt at learning about Detente. What a waste. It’s back to classes tomorrow. I should have done something interesting.

Georgia’s cleaning her room. I left a lot of junk there when I moved into my room, so now it’s all resurfacing and being piled up around me. Which is good and bad – Bad because I don’t want to have all this junk and good because she found…



If you read my last entry, you would have seen the hole in my ceiling. This is because some of our lights don’t work. We have taken to eating dinner my the light of our oil lamp and remaining lightbulbs. Tonight our lamp went insane. I lit it and only half the wick caught alight. And then the flame went blue (not supposed to happen), and hovered 2 centimetres above the wick (also not supposed to happen). And then it went out. And came on again. And went out. And came on again. And the room smelt feral like very bad smelling oil. Stupid lamp.

This afternoon, I went for a bike ride to Ewen Park to get away from study. It was a good afternoon for reminiscing.

I went past where Nimilote dropped his hat in the river.

I went past [MY] sugar mill. *looks smug* I say it is mine, because part of me owned that sugar mill, as my Great Great Great Great Grandfather, Ralph Mayer Robey no less, cofounded the Colonial Sugar Refinery co. (also known as CSR sugar) and bought it off Mr Child and Mr Kemble, and I have his genes. Although obviously I didn’t inherit the stupidity that caused him to sell his share.

I went past “Tomislav’s Restaurant” also known as “The Spirit oif the River’s restaurant, also known as the place where they docked the boats at the Sugar mill, also very much full of gunk and rubbish and bad smell.

I went past Kate Walker’s old house which had an attic where you pulled the stairs out of the ceiling.

Who remembers the time when we went riding and Eleanor rode over a nail and punctured her tyre and we had to wait for ages for someone to pick us up?

On the way home, I was praying, and I realised that I’ve spent practically a fifth of my entire high school lunch time going to Stive. Which is weird when you think about it. But then I realised how fantastic it is that I can, in a public school, spend a fifth of all lunch time during high school in fellowship and worship. I didn’t realise how much I took it for granted, especially when christians in so many other countries aren’t allowed to meet in school, or aren’t even allowed to meet at all. That’s a bit sad… both about me taking it for granted and other people not being able to worship. 😦

Well Michael led his first stive-related thing today. He jumped into the deep end, with a discussion focused on suffering. And he pretty well pulled it off. So that is fantastic.

I went to Bio afterwards, and Michael went past our classroom. I went out to give him a high-five (as I am much in the habit of doing, why am I such a loser?) and a hug and congratulations. Along come Art and Leo (his friends):

“Whooooooo! Michael’s got a girlfriend!”
Alison retreats into laboratory doorway.
Leo: “Are you going out with Michael?”
Alison: *Pauses* *Nods with best look of seriousness she can muster*

They were on the bus into the city, and I was heaps mean to Leo for being a dero. And then seven of us (including the yr 10’s) ended up spening the busride doinging Brad’s Quick Crossword and Target from the SMH.

The city was nice. Jon and I walked with Brad to Circular Quay. Brad and I sang all the way there. They were church songs. It was wonderful to praise God up George st, although we were probably coming across as mental. Jon and I read the paper in that grassy area next to MCA. Twas nice.

My talk for Friday is written, and hopefully will be OK. I’ve used a different passage than the one Ken gave me (if you read this, Sarah, it’s the one I compained about in your DJ). But it’ll work. If I was supposed to say something else, it would’ve worked out that way.

What else was fantastic about today?

>Elwin’s Birthday (Happy Birthday!)
>Tim’s Birthday (Happy Birthday!)
>Drama in Biology
>Ultra Crazy Wind Ensemble (with about 17 people there – no trumpets…)
>Ken brought Lebanese Bread from the place that sells the tastiest Lebanese Bread in the world.