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Modern history was today. I had excellent dates learning with Sabrina, who made me learn all my Cold War dates on the bus, so when I got off, I felt smart. 🙂

The exam, which I have been dreading more than any other, was like this: 😀

As we went through the question paper to make sure everything was printed right, I noted the World War One section was on the Versailles treaty. We did the Versailles treaty in the trial. And when we got to the America question, I scanned for the word “conservatism”, just in case Ms Bresnehan had predicted right. AND SHE HAD!! IT WAS THERE IN PART (b), one essay I’d already done!!! And then we ended up at the Cold War, and there was DETENTE!! ANOTHER ESSAY I’VE ALREADY DONE!! So that was mad cool, all the people studying America that I could see were beaming and I was beaming. And I finished 5 minutes early, and so did my friend Aaron who was next to me, so we sat there and felt good about passing.

It feels so good to put all that stupid source analysis and essay technique and historiography behind me. I will, however, hold on to wonderfully useless details, like the fact that J Edgar Hoover was a mama’s boy; and in the early 1900’s a guy was pardoned from murder even though he’d shot a man, in front of witnesses, just because the guy yelled “to hell with the United States” in the street; and the name Deng Xiaoping; and women in england who worked in TNT factories were called canaries; and Franklin Roosevelt couldn’t walk; and lots of Mexicans were kicked out of America during the depression; and Gorbachev has a funny birthmark on his forehead.

Afterwards I had tasty lunch with Jon and Mysty. Jon was very subdued about Physics tomorrow. I can’t wait til he’s finished and he smiles a bit. But yeah, mysty and I had fun in Kino, where I read a whole postcard book and she stocked up on manga. And then I dragged her to the record shop, where I bought the real Oklahoma record for a dollar.

My record is fantastic because their voices are so much better than the random stage musical version that I already owned, as well as them including more funny dialogue and stuff in the songs. And they have the farmer and the cowman!!! Yay! All I need now is a DVD or something so I can actually watch it. Oh, how I long to go back in time a few years so I could see Hugh Jackman in the stageplay 😛

On the down side, there are scratches on the overture and people will say we’re in love. The latter I’m not so worried about cause it’s a cheesy song, but the scratch on the overture is a pity, because I like it, and now I can’t listen to it without it skipping half the track 😦 Alas.

EDIT… hehe it’s 1:30am


It was this or learning about America. I already know stuff: Manifest Destiny, Teddy Roosevelt, Spanish American War, Square Deal, Trust Busting, Progressive Era, Jim Crow laws, Consumerism, World war 1, Red Scare, Jazz Era, Raciam, Business Magnates, Popular Culture, Wall Street Crash, Depression, Racism, Franklin D Rooselvelt, New Deal, AAA, PWA, CCC, NRA, Fireside Chats, WPA, Opposition to the New Deal. Whoo.
Sorry, no fancy summary for you this time.

On another note, my strawberries help me study for Bio. They are an example of asexual reproduction, as they reproduce my sending out runners across the soil, allowing new plants to take root. These plants are clones of their parents. Yet the fruits that grow are not identical. Some are very small and round, others are larger and resemble a typical strawberry shape. Here we see the effect of the environment on the phenotype. 🙂 I am so cool.

Here’s something you wouldn’t know if you don’t do modern history:

Well once there was this country called Germany, and they were heaps angry at another country that lived next door, called France. Germany was angry for a whole lot of reasons, and France was angry right back at them. And they decided to go to war. But France had this friend country called Russia who lived on the other side of Germany, so Germany was like:
“uh oh. They’re going to attack me from both sides.”

But then Germany remembered this guy who used to live in his house called Mr Schlieffen, who was really good at planning war. Years and years ago, Mr Schlieffen had made a “Let’s attack France and Russia plan” and named it “the Schlieffen plan” so that Germany could win all it’s future wars. He thought that at the start of a war, a little bit of Germany would keep Russia busy fighting, while the rest of Germany snuck into France through the back gate, killing everyone in Belgium’s granny flat (In France’s back yard) and then they would run all the way to Paris and kill everyone, and then run quickly to the other side to kill everyone in Russia.

Well, so Germany thought:
“Hey, that’s a good idea, and it might just still work.”
but then they screwed it up and forgot to go to Paris the right way. And then the French people were like
“Go away and stop killing us or we’ll kill you back.” And so the French were killing people too.

And then, man, this country across the road called England was like:
“We wanna kill Germany too!”

And then Germany was like:
“Woah! Looks like we’re gonna have to fight a bit harder.”

And then Russia was like:
“Well how bout we attack Germany from somewhere where they don’t expect?”

And Germany was like:
“Oh no, I have to kill too many people at once.”

And then they killed lots of people. And then they got killed lots.

And then something else happened and Germany lost World War One.
Oh yeah, America joined in too, and Germany ran out of food, and British people worked out how to use guns.

The end.

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To Willy Wally:

Huh… Cold War, I
m really tired, and it doesn’t read well, and I
ll say that’s cause I forgot about it until just before I was about to go to sleep, so I am really tired and not feeling very historical. I’m really sorry. It’s too long as well (over half a page). So, please chop away. Sorry about crap, anti-floppy-A nature of computer. Hope you’re having a good free.

The Peace Movement

And what of today?

Well, I should have spent today studying for Modern, because I have an awful lot to learn. But as I walked up the hallway after breakfast, my dad was moving my old record/radio/cd player from Georgia’s room to make way for her desk. So I spent the rest of the day cleaning my room, so that I could move my record player in and sit in a clean and beautiful room listening to records.

That took all morning, and after that I sat there for ages organising my postcards and listening to music. Philip was there too, playing gameboy. It was good to talk to him, but it meant I couldn’t listen to any music written before 1960.

After lunch, mum made me study, but I fell asleep whilst reading about the beginnings of the Cold War. If any modern history scholar will lend me their brain please? Eleanor? Please?

And then – I went to church!! I haven’t been there for a month! It was excellent seeing everyone again. And I might get to go to Stump! Oh Joy!! Oh Joy!!

I know this is stupid, but I feel like it’s holidays again because I have no school tomorrow. But I should get that attitude away from me, or else I will not do any study tomorrow.

Things to do:

    > World War I
    > How to analyse sources
    > America
    > Crap, I actually can’t remember anything that happened in America before World War I
    > Still drawing a blank
    > I probably should have studied today
    > J Edgar Hoover to the max
    > Cold War to 1961

More Important things to do:

    > Remember God
    > Not be intimidated by other people
    > Open new box of Just Right for breakfast tomorrow
    > Remember to buy milk before opening Just Right
    > Listen to what God has to say
    > Listen to more records
    > Remember that nothing is in vain. Ever.

Tee Hee!!

Today was excellent. I started out thinking it would be crap, being a Monday, and starting with double maths. But

I had interesting bus stop conversation with Joshua
I understand Logarithms
We saw a fantastically interesting Biology video on cloning
I rediscovered how funny Sarah Kwok is on the bus home

But so many extra special things happened. Like Aaron spontaneously inviting me to his chruch on Sunday. I didn’t even know he was Christian. We had some interesting cloning discussion in view of our bio video.

And talking to Tim both in free period and on the bus. Everything was being bad for him, but now it’s better, and I’m so happy for him, and I’m so happy for Bron, and I’m just REALLY REALLY HAPPY.

Everyone here posts really beautiful arty photos and really funny photos of friends. I really don’t have any of them, but I did see this in my History textbook about the Depression, and I thought it was brilliant. So here it is