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Here Comes The Night Class

The year is flashing by at the speed of light and, among many other things, I am starting to realise that I am nearly finished with my night classes at Moore. Hopefully next year I will be able to finish of my degree by the light of day.

For the sake of both silliness and nostalgia, here is a video our class made this year for our College’s annual revue.


Part-time Student Life

It’s been a long while since I have reflected on my studies at Moore College. I think can be put down to two overarching reasons.

Firstly I go to class on Tuesday nights. A normal Tuesday for me looks like back to back people time: meetings, training workshops (that I facilitate) and small group discussions (that I facilitate) from 9 to 5. I usually don’t have time to eat anything other than the snack food we share at small group and staff meeting. When the work day is done I head straight to class and by the time I get there I’m usually pretty smashed. And then we get two hours of lecture and an hour of peer discussion. We finish at 9:30 and my brain is fried. So I haven’t really been in a great place to reflect on the things I am learning this semester.

Secondly, the subject I am taking this year (Biblical Theology) has so far felt like a repetition of the Old Testament classes I took a few years back. I LOVED those lectures (see?) and I remember them fondly. Compared to those glorious memories, the present classes don’t really seem very interesting. Serves me right for doing all my subjects out of order.

Our main lecturer, with a fantastic moustache and a diagram that neatly summarises the entire Old Testament.

Tonight, though, was a great night. I was exhausted (as usual), poorly nourished (as usual) and not really engaging with lecture. But four great things happened this evening, and I’d like to document them. Here they are, in order of increasing greatness:

4. I discovered that the hot-water-machine in the library is switched on again and so I can make endless cups of tea again!

3. The lecturer explored an interesting definition of Christian theology: that it is not about speculation or discovering a hidden god, rather it is about exploring what has been revealed in Jesus. It’s not a new idea for me, but it was articulated well, and an encouraging reminder.

2. I found a kindred spirit in our peer discussion group who is grappling with some of the same kind of practical-theological and pastoral issues as me. This is a big deal, because sometimes I feel like an idiot when I bring up my thoughts in the college community. It’s nice to know there is another person to talk to on the same wavelength.

1. I got to run through the whole library with the lights off and activate all the motion-sensor light switches. It was epic. Probably the high point of the whole day.

Being a student is great, I promise. And not just when I get to activate motion sensor lights. Hopefully next semester life will be a little more balanced and I’ll have some headspace for proper processing!

Ninety Nine

We’ve been living in Newtown for nearly three weeks now and it’s starting to feel like home.

There are so many nice things about living here. I love that we have a garden, which I’m hoping to get in order before the end of the summer. I love that our hot water works all the time. I love that the kitchen is big enough to fit multiple people at once. I love that I can walk to work. I love the smell of Thai food wafting over our fence every afternoon.

 photo Untitled-11_zps2bbd888d.jpgWaving at my front door. Carms took this one after visiting me last weekend

Even more than all those things I love that we live near so many wonderful friends. So many people are living near by to be close to their studies or to have a little taste of the Newtown lifestyle. Saz is living around the corner and my first ever college friend, Caz (yes, that is a funny coincidence that their nicknames rhyme) is living next door to her. Richard and Ali live a few blocks away; Luci and Dave live in the next suburb (very close to Celia and James). Yi and Brice, Jamie and Steph, Caitlin and her fun-time housemates are in the other next suburb. The Moore College single men’s and women’s residences, just a hundred metres away, are filled with tonnes of old friends from uni days and new friends from college. Matt regularly brings friends back after class to study and chill. It’s almost impossible to go the day without spontaneously visiting someone or receiving a surprise visit. It’s not awesome for efficiency, but it’s pretty wonderful for community.

I think I’m really going to like living here!

Pictures of Ninety Nine under the cut

Change in the air

It’s less than a week until I start my new job and a new surprise has reared its head.

Yesterday I went in to uni to see the campus again and was in the middle of claiming a locker for my things when I received a phone call from Moore College with a late offer of a student residence. The rent and size are comparable to our current place, it’s a charming old terrace in better condition than I expected and… it’s only a block away from Sydney Uni! Maybe i won’t need a locker there after all. We accepted today and will move sometime this month. I am very much looking forward to living in Newtown and walking to work.

I thought that a new job would be upheaval enough, now there is more change to embrace. We are leaving home and setting up a new one! I’m bracing myself for the whirlwind of two new beginnings in January. More stories to follow!

People of India


I’m still working on my assessment on subcontinental women in Sydney. It’s been hard to find time to read and reflect but I had a win at the library yesterday, coming home with a stack of books and articles. Also, this old-school infographic is pretty fantastic!

Hat tip to telemann who posted it here. I can’t work out where it came from before that.


This semester’s subject at Moore is Christian Communication and Mission. It’s been pretty neat so far, a bit of cultural studies, a bit of Anthropology 101 (Community, anyone?), a bit of missiology. Our assessment is to spend time with a community from another culture and get to know their worldview. If I can be completely honest I feel like the task is way too big and complex to be addressed in the timeframe and word count given for this assessment. But I guess that is what undergrad degrees are all about, right? And nevertheless I am having a fun time working on it!

Thanks to the generosity of my supervisor and boss (and organisation! I love you Anglicare!) I have been allowed to take Friday mornings off as study leave for the last few weeks to do some fieldwork. The community I have chosen to spend time with is the mothers and children group run at our church (MOCHA), which is predominantly attended by Indian and Bangladeshi women who don’t actually come to any other church services or outreach events. Basically there’s a large group of recently arrived Hindu mothers regularly meeting in my church building. All I had to do was think of a reason to be there (a helping hand for the team and informal English conversation practice) and get time off work (thanks again, Anglicare!) and I was set.

Cross-cultural adventures under the cut

Course reflections

My “Understanding Buddhism and Islam” class finished last week with a surprisingly enjoyable exam. To celebrate and reflect, here are some appropriate and beautiful songs from The Dandy Warhols’ old album Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia (links will take you through to YouTube):

In honour of Islam: Mohammed
Again and again
I get up and say
I only want to get it right
I only want to do the right thing

In honour of Buddhism: Godless
I swear you are,
I swear you are
I swear,
that you are godless

In honour of Jesus: The Gospel
My sweet love, I’ll take you there
I’ll take you down to water
No more weary, no more tired
My sweet love, I will take you there
I will take you home

And finally, to celebrate the up and coming holiday: Sleep
Well I could sleep forever…