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Majors Battle

Here are some comparisons between Sociology and Geography tutes:

Sociology people use unecessarily big words to sound smart.
Geography people use normal words, and pictures, and maps.
Sociology people act like they are smarter than everyone else in the room, including the tutor.
Geography people aren’t afraid to make stupid generalisations in front of their peers.
Sociology people are too busy feeling elite towards people that they don’t really make friends with many other people in the class.
Geography people are friends even with the people that they don’t talk to much.
Sociology people try to use illustrate their points, but often their points are so abstract, and they themselves are so confused by what they are saying, that nothing they say actually makes sense.
Geography people can successfully illustrate their points with anything they want to, including movies, experiences in part time jobs or other courses, current events, field trips or The Chaser’s War on Everything.
Sociology tutors are too vague to direct the discussion properly.
Geography tutors make you tea and take you on field trips.
Sociology tutorials finish and you haven’t actually learnt anything new.
Geography tutorials finish and think that maybe you should consider doing honours.

Geography wins the majors battle.