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Trumpets and Bookmarks

Boosh Trumpet 1

Boosh Trumpet 2

Boosh Trumpet 3

When people ask me what my favourite kind of music is I am usually stumped for an answer. How do you choose when there is so much amazing music in the world? On reflection though, I’ve realised that throughout my life, running across all my eccentric musical tastes, there is one common thread. One sound that binds a million disparate genres, tempos and moods together.

I love music with trumpets.

When expressing this to a friend recently she looked at me in disdain, so now I feel a need to prove myself. Here is a collection of some of my most-loved songs, all featuring horns of some kind.

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The Newsroom

There is a new television craze going on in our home. Season one of The Newsroom was released in Australia on DVD a couple of weeks ago – I finally caved and let Matt buy a copy instead of making him wait until his birthday in November. Haha.

Three episodes in and we are loving it. Aaron Sorkin’s screenwriting has been a long time favourite and the Newsroom continues the trend. On reflection though, I think the real reason we love it is just because it continues the trend. Ironically, for a show about a news program being done in a new and innovative way, The Newsroom has already fulfilled a huge number of Sorkinisms. In just three episodes. We’ve already had:

– The speech that makes me wish I was American
– The speech that makes me glad I’m not an American
– People holding to their morals and causing trouble in an established hierarchy
– Adorable nerds
– People walking through a maze of corridors while simultaneously solving problems
– An articulate moderate Republican as a prominent character
– A couple of fiesty “will-they-won’t-they” relationships between a female member of staff and her immediate superior
– A fiesty “will-they-won’t-they” relationship between a blonde female member of staff and her immediate superior
– The episode where an interrogation of a noble character by the-owner-of-the-network/the-board/the-judicial-system is interspersed with flashbacks of how we got to this situation

It’s all been done before:

I think that’s actually the reason I like The Newsroom so much. It’s like spending time with an old friend. It’s comfortable and I like the alternate universe it creates where governments and television producers and people with power try to use their power for good. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Given the actual content of The Newsroom (just to emphasise again it’s about a News program that breaks all the rules and tries to do things differently) I’m not sure if comfortable and familiar is actually what Sorkin is aiming for. Oh well. I’m having fun watching it, even though I know I’m having fun for all the wrong reasons.

One part of the series that is weirdly comfortable and familiar is this character…

Visiting Slough

The cold I mentioned last Monday is still hanging around and morphing into something else so today is off as a sick day. I was wondering what to do to fill my time in the house alone and then I remembered – it’s moments like these where I need to grab the opportunity to rewatch the UK version of The Office, which Matt doesn’t enjoy watching like I do.

What a lovely morning it’s been after all, sitting with a mug of tea, feeling incredibly thankful that my own office isn’t that dysfunctional. Recently Matt and I have been rewatching later US episode of The Office so it was nice for me to trade in for the UK product for a little while, where everything is a little bit sadder and bleaker. I swapped Michael, Dwight, Jim, Pam, Roy and Kevin for David, Gareth, Tim, Dawn, Lee and Keith. The receptionist is a little more burnt out even from the beginning, the hero is a little more of a dork, the assistant (to the) regional manager is even more pathetic, the boyfriend seems a little more likely to be abusive and the boss makes me cringe in pain every time he opens his mouth. Again. Even after that many rewatches, after all those years. The US one might make me laugh more but the UK one definitely makes me feel more.

I did have a great laugh out loud moment in one of my favourite scenes. I actually had to stop watching for awhile because I laughed so hard I set off a coughing fit. Maybe I shouldn’t be watching this with a cold after all!

Tim vs Gareth – one of the best moments in The Office

Mad Men

Matt and I have been watching lots of Mad Men over the last week and it is having a very negative impact on my mood.

I am feeling pretty low. There is a possibility that it is something more normal but I am 90% blaming it on televisual representations of the 1960s.

Top 5 West Wing Map Moments

Again, in celebration of GIS day…

My five favourite map-related moments from the West Wing:

#5: “Josh, Toby. On my girlfriend’s life, your troubles end 98 miles right down that track.”
Josh, Toby and Donna get stranded in a series of small towns during Season 4. It wouldn’t have happened if they knew more about local geography. Or if they had a map.


#4: “I’m taking Ohio out of the red and putting it back in play.”
How could anyone do electoral analysis without thematic mapping? I love Joey Lucas’ neat interactive map during the Season 4 election campaign.


#3: “Do we even have a map of Canada?”
Kate struggles to keep a handful of overexcited military officials from invading Canada over a minor hunting dispute in Season 6.


#2: Charlie’s flea market find

In Season three, Charlie give Presdient Bartlett a vintage map of the Middle East. Just to remind us of the awesome political power of maps:

Toby: “Some people are going to find it offensive.”
President Bartlett: “Why?”
Toby: “It doesn’t recognise Israel.”
President Bartlett: “It was drawn in 1709.”
Toby: “Yeah.”
President Bartlett: “There was no Israel.”
Toby: “Right.”
President Bartlett: “Israel wouldn’t happen for another two hundred and fifty years.”
Toby: “Yeah.”
President Bartlett: “So what’s the problem with the map?”
Toby: “Some people are going to find it offensive.”
President Bartlett: “Why?”
Toby: “It doesn’t recognise Israel.”
President Bartlett: “Take lunch, would you?”


#1: Cartographers for Social Equality

Season 2 – basically the best ever scene of television featuring the Peters Projection map:

Cartographer: “So. You’re probably wondering what all this has to do with social equality.”
CJ: “No. I’m wondering where France really is!”


Misc. Office

The Office (US): Season 3, Episode 8
After Jim gets transferred back from the Stanford branch



Kelly: Jim!

Jim: Kelly!

Kelly: Oh my God I have so much to tell you!

Jim: Really?

Kelly: Yes. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes? They had a baby and they named it Suri. And then Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie? They had a baby too and they named it Shiloh. And both babies are a-maz-ing!

Jim: Great. So what’s new with you?

Kelly: [confused] I just told you.