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Farms and Food

Conveniently following on from my last post, here is a timely reminder that the end of a drought won’t fix all Australian farmers’ problems.

My friend Bron has just posted on the crumpet about the current experience of farmers who produce the food we eat in Sydney.

It’s highly recommended reading! You can find it here.


Introducing… The Crumpet!

A few weeks ago, my friend Jen sent out a ranty email to all the Geography girls back at home. Actually, not all Geography girls – there are others! And we’re not all at home – Mel’s in Thailand.

The email came around: Jen had been reading Cosmo in during her break at the place she is volunteering at in Arusha, Tanzania. She was so mad with the content that she decided we needed to produce a rival magazine that would give women something else to read. You know, something that didn’t tell them that they need to please men the right way to have a meaningful life. The idea of a bunch of uni grads singlehandedly producing a successful magazine is a little far fetched, so instead we decided to set up a blog that we could all contribute to.

And it’s ready and rearing to go! It is called The Crumpet, apparently because we are reclaiming British slang that is used to degrade women. Or something. You can find it here:


This month we are looking at issues to do with work. I hope you enjoy it!