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Good morning

Good morning.

I’m a little struck down by a cold but totally not letting that get me down. I decided to run some fun errands on the way to work this morning – to post a Mother’s Day card to Grandma, send off an Etsy order and drop Yiayia’s present off at her place. I packed up the car with my mail, a huge pot of lavender for Yiayia and some pretty mint I am taking in to my office. It all felt really good. Yiayia was happy to see me and loved her plant 🙂

About 20 minutes later I was sitting at Ashfield Station and everything was less good:

1. I’d driven Papou to Ashfield with me and he yelled at me (in Greek) for about 10 minutes. I don’t actually know what he was yelling about :S

2. I realised I’d left my lunch and book bag in the car. And my tissues. Nothing to eat. Nothing to read. No way to blow my nose!

3. Trains are delayed.

So here I am at 9am, still very far away from work, with half my stuff and a dementia addled Grandfather back at Ashfield. Oh dear. Here’s hoping I make my connecting train!!


Plants and letters

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Even though the sun is still hot, summer is waning. The primary reason I know this is because all the regular events of life are starting up again. The beginning of routine is pretty much the end of summer.

This adjustment has made it hard to post because:

1. I’m not sure what to write about; and
2. I’m not sure where to find the time to write.

In the meantime, here is a picture of bread.

It’s my first ever homemade loaf and it tasted good (you see, one of the things that is making 2012 different so far is a slightly changed attitude to procuring and storing food).

I’ll be back soon with something more structured!

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Check in: Melbourne

We’re driving out of Melbourne as I frantically type into my phone and simultaneously try to direct Matt to the freeway. We’ve had an amazing almost-week in Melbourne. We found wonderful new places to visit and many beautiful details in places we revisited. Yesterday was our wedding anniversary, a fantastic day exploring the city and ending with a beautiful dinner on the Yarra.

Photos under the cut

Check in: Summer School

Internet coverage here is patchy at best but I'd like to keep sharing things that happen at Summer School.

Right now we are sitting in the main shed listening to the guy who used to head up the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students talking about the spread of the gospel since 1989. Riveting!

EDIT: Those talks by Lindsay Brown were fantastic. If you are someone who likes listening to talks online, I strongly suggest you find something by him to listen to. He explained the bubke so well. Also he has a great speaking voice (Welsh!), well structured ideas, very insightful thoughts to share and great stories from Christians around the world, including Christians from countries we don't hear much about in Australia.