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Approximately 45% of the US election coverage in Australia is local political commentators sounding smug about our own electoral system.

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Go West

Last weekend consisted of another epic country trip of Matt and I:
– Two hours of driving on Friday night to get to Katoomba
– Five hours of driving on Saturday to Forbes via Bathurst
– One hour of driving on Saturday night to West Wyalong
– Six hours of driving on Sunday morning to Sydney via Yass.

We ended up doing a massive loop that looked something like this:

Western Plains adventure


It’s election day tomorrow.

I’m incredibly terrified that the Liberal Party* is going to win.

So, I’m not intending this to be an open slagfest against the Liberal Party and their supporters. Most of my friends and family who are Liberal voters are voting that way because they really believe and support the traditional Liberal Party approach to the economy, to the market and to society. They know things about how Liberal policy works and they know things about how Labor policy work. They make an educated decision about who they think is better equipped to run the country.

The thing is that if Liberal win the election tomorrow, it won’t be because most of Australia has made an educated decision. Tony Abbott has not been basing his campaigning on classic Liberal policy. Of all of Tony Abbott’s campaigning, the loudest message that has come across is: “The Labor Government has let boat people in. We will stop the boats”. This campaigning has inflamed a really disgusting sentiment among people in Australia who don’t use their brain: that Australia is full, that asylum seekers are evil people who “jump the queue” and that they willl steal everyone’s jobs. Ugh.

And that’s not to say that Labor has had an awesome campaign. This has been the most negative, most depressing election campaign I have ever seen, on both sides – a race to the bottom.

But still, if Liberal wins and Tony Abbott becomes PM on Saturday, it will be shocking proof that Australia is a horribly racist country. I don’t think I will be able to handle it very well. The knowledge that there are some disgustingly racist Australians makes me sad. I don’t know what I’ll do if this groups turns out to be a majority.

*For overseas readers who are not up to scratch with Australian politics: The Liberal Party is, confusingly, the more conservative party.

Hey – I voted BELOW THE LINE!!

I realised today that I haven’t really learnt anything with any “study” I’ve undertaken so far. So I’m leaving the study til about Thursday and then I will cram one exam at a time. It’s the only way I know how to do things, and I’ve discovered that altering my study patterns to fit the suggested model at this point in time just won’t work.

I would be so so so happy if John Howard is gone, but I’m afraid that he will remain. How sad.