Well I never really understood why people would get so worried about Parent Teacher nights. I mean, sure people don’t do the very best that they can all the time, and soemtimes people stuff up in class, but generally they pass on alright.

I worked out why some people get anxious.

Philip had his tonight, and mum came home and she looked so deflated. She had to put up with techer after teacher telling her that Philip is lazy and doesn’t do any work. He came bottom of the class in science – not cause he’s stupid – but cause he hasn’t actually done any work all year.

And in Geography… well we don’t know if he’s at the bottom of the class because he hasn’t actually handed in any assessments all year so they haven’t been able to mark him. He’s had three major projects that he didn’t do. And when the teacher asked him about one of them, Philip told the teacher that it had already been marked and he’d taken it home.

And all the teachers talk about how he always gets out of class for music practice and tournament of minds (which he shouldn’t be doing because he is only doing it to get out of class). And they also all talk about him eating junk food in class. Philip’s sworn to mum that he’s stopped buying junk food and soft drinks.

So not only did we end the night in the understanding that Philip is not only lazy, he is also a liar.

Stupid stupid boy. I don’t know what to do.


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