Acrostic Mania

Dave wrote me this tonight and I thought it was mad cool:

Alison Lucy Kaye
Loved by many
I am one of those many 😛
Shut up I know that was a waste of a line
Oops I just wasted another line
Not to worry, I still have 2 names left

Lots of things I could say about her
Can’t think of any right now though
Yeah, I know I suck

K, this was a waste of an acrostic
And you probably want me to make a real one
Yes, I shall make a real one for you now
Enjoy this one though 😛

And then Alix wrote one of equal coolness about Ancon. I would write it here, but intead I am going to plug her Blog. Go read this fantastic acrostic here: Alix’s blog. Read it, it is good.

Today was sweet, even though it was intended to suck heaps. Waking up felt like death warmed over, and I slept the whole bus trip into uni. Getting in at 8 o’clock is sad, because the campus is quiet, and it reminds me of exam time, when the only people on campus were a few solitary, uncomfortable looking people with their heads down and arms full of books.

But maths was pretty good. I sat with a friend of a friend who I had met in geography last semsester, and we spent the whole time whispering about how boring maths is and what we would rather be doing. And after that was sociology, and I sat with stacks of people who were cool – Amanda from my greek class, Ken, and lots of EU kids. So the socialising this morning was nice, even though it happened in the ungodly hours of the morning.

I found Alix, gave her a present and rushed off to work for 8 hours. It was pretty ordinary, except for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Me and the girl I was working with were sold to another newsagency as slave labour. Not actually. The Norton Plaza Newsagency also runs a smalled newsagencyslashpost office on Parramatta rd, and we frequently run cheques, invoices, old newspapers and random stock between the two. Sometimes we have to work there. Today, we had to clean there. It was so gross. It’s one of those run down looking newsagencies, and the stationary in there is full of yellow pages, rust and faded writing. Our hands literally went black from the dusting. Some of the things we found for sale were type writer paper, carbon paper, brown fake-leather folders from c. 1980, old computer printing paper (the type we used to use in primary school with the holes down the sides), rusty paper clips, deteriorating rubber bands “transparent” pockets (they were no longer transparent :S)… the list goes on.

My back hurts from work. I had Antonio and Maria’s burgers for lunch. They are the best burgers in the whole world and they only cost $2.50. I win. I am getting a glass of orange juice and going to bed. 😀


5 thoughts on “Acrostic Mania

  1. darvids0n

    My acrostic does not deserve a mention, although that’s my opinion. I personally found it to be stupidly random. And I agree Alison is mad cool, I actually said that in my SECOND acrostic, which is as follows:

    Alison is mad cool
    Lets not forget her super-strong faith
    In an all-loving, all-powerful God
    She never ceases to amaze me, taking events an
    Ordinary person would find disastrous and
    Nullifying the negativity with optimistic comments

    Love is what Alison is made of
    Under a seemingly tough exterior
    Childlike innocence hides
    Yearning to break free

    Known as Crying Out Loud’s official stalker
    All of the music she listens to is awesome
    Yay for Alison! *hugs Alison*
    Endings suck, but Alison shall never end

    ….yes. I also think that one sucks, but it’s at least better than the first one.


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